All Roads Lead to Rome Day 3: Looking for Classic Rome

Visiting Rome is not complete if we miss a glimpse of Ancient Rome's grandeur.  No better way to start than the famous Colosseum.

One of our companions backed out because of his back problem. He couldn't walk anymore. He decided to stay and book our hotels in Florence online instead.  My colleague and I purchased the Trenitalia fast train tickets for 3 at the Stazione San Pietro, a few blocks away behind our hotel.   Holding the train map, it was challenging to find the right train because this station caters to other outside city destinations on various platforms.

I finally managed to find the right train passing Trastevere and switched at Piramide to take the Metro Line B (Blue Line) stopping at Colosseo.

I still remember coming out of the dark station and suddenly being greeted by the massive Colosseum.  It was breathtaking.  Expect throngs of tourists. My colleague and I spent some time just being quiet and looking around.  After 5 minutes, we started the usual thing any tourist would do-  take pictures. 

The gladiators found me and started posing.  

But I am a gladiator too. :)

The Colosseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is the greatest work of Classic Roman Architecture. Read more about the history in Wiki.

Emblem of Rome
Viewing another Triumphal Arch.
Arch of Constantine
Our last day in Rome over a bowl of pasta and a pint of the local beer for a lunch al fresco was memorable. I would definitely love to return one day.  Our afternoon nicely ended with a funny and honest local taxi driver who took us to Stazione Termini before heading out to the beautiful Florence.

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Have a great weekend!
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