Quick Fix Salad

Is there such a thing as a typical dinner?  Imagine, after a long day and cruising through an evening traffic. Do you toss a plastic container of left overs in the microwave for a quick fix?  Some would probably go for a 2 minute instant noodle.  Or the gifted ones would start putting on a chef's hat and start concocting something that we can hardly pronounce a la Michelin starred chef?  Oh, I used to be guilty of dialing the nearest fast food for home delivery.  Worse, we used to have a clear book of menus of all types of fast food delivery cuisine from Italian to Indian restaurants on speed dial. 

We started eating healthier when we moved closer to our workplaces.  We had more time in the evenings, meaning more time to prepare something.  Whenever we feel lazy, this is a typical dinner we would normally have. I call it....

Quick Fix Salad

2 medium fresh tomatoes chopped
1 half ripe Avocado chopped
4 Slices of chicken mortadella pistachio cut into small squares
2 tbsp of oil
2 tbsp of wine vinegar
a dash of black pepper

Optional:  Crab Sticks chopped
1 Hard boiled egg, peeled and chopped 
Alternative to avocado could be beetroot

1. Mix everything together et voila!

The salad in the photo above was not chopped well.  It was good enough, the hubby prepared it for me. 
No complaints..Believe me it is enough for dinner.  You can enjoy it with a baguette.

Bon Appetit

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