A Walk in the Countryside

In France, they love to walk.  The countryside already drew me to explore the jogging path for a run at 8AM yesterday. When I was invited by my mother and father-in-law to spend the Tuesday morning taking a grand tour of a nearby village just 12 km away on foot, j'ai saisi l'occasion.  Here's why:

The summer is hotter this year.   Embraced by nature.  Tranquil.  Time stood still.  3 hours of walking and conversing in french, I'm surprised by how the language came back to me.   By 12 o'clock (midi) We were greeted by the sound of the town's church tower bell.   

A walk to the commune of Sainte Cécile will take 3 hours from St. Martin des Noyers.  There are biking and hiking trails to get to this small community lost in the middle of the countryside. 

Do you enjoy walking in general? The countryside?  
Love & light,

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