One Lazy Day

Today is a lazy day. A day with no makeup, tousled hair and in sleepwear all day catching up on series I've missed while cuddling with my favorite cat.  

While I was away, I have had my share of cuddling with a lot of wildlife that I never thought I'd  ever touch in my entire life (That's for the next post).  For now, I'm going to enjoy the purrs of my cat whom I've missed for a month and half.  Meet Tiptoe, a tabby cat. We've adopted him from a family leaving Dubai for good to migrate to the U.S. Tiptoe has been with us for the last six years (turning 7 this year). He's a very dramatic cat. He loves to do this kind of poses. 

What is your idea of a lazy day?

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  1. Enjoy your lazy day Arni, that's a real treat once in a while! I also do the same on Sunday every now and then. I get up late, brunch with my boyfriend and watch some movies together and then go for a walk in the evening and it feels great!

    Very beautiful cat :)

  2. I do so very much like Tiptoe's poses - how modelesque


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