A Winter Stroll in Les Essarts

I can't help looking back wondering if I were in France at this time of year, what would it look like?  I dug up some old photos of a winter stroll I did on my own , one ordinary morning in the town of Les Essarts.  

St. Pierre Church

Les Essarts is a quiet town rich in history right at the heart of Vendee, Pays de la Loire region in western France. One really cold morning, while,waiting for my father-in-law for his doctor's appointment, I grabbed my camera and decided to explore the streets.  

11th century Church that was further  enhanced in the 19th Century

To my delight, I found an old castle.
I later looked it up and learned that it started even during the period of Roman Empire 
as a small wooden chateau which they later constructed in stone during the 18th Century. 
Les Essarts is very very old. It is believed to have been built in the Roman Period.

Old Chateau

A picnic in the greens sipping a mug of hot coffee admiring this charming townscape is something I would love to do right now, should I have a portal that could take me anywhere in the world. 

If you were to have access to a magical portal, 
which place do you want to disappear into over the weekend?


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  1. Those are nice pictures. I like the contrast of the green grass against the gray skies!

  2. Such dreamy pictures Arni. I've not had a White Christmas and it's something that's quite high on my list of things to experience!

  3. How incredibly beautiful! I think I'd join you there for the weekend. But there are so many places I'd like to go - Antarctica to drop in on the penguins! Chile to visit friends I never see.

    Seriously, why isn't teleportation a thing yet?

  4. les essarts look so historically beautiful! if only i could go there this weekend!

  5. So beautiful, I wouldn't mind visiting that old castle!

  6. What a cute little town. Atm I wish to teleport to somewhere cold. With snow.

  7. Really nice place and great pictures love the architectural style!
    I would probably choose depending on the weather, always looking for the sun so probably a beach spot.
    Have a great week Arny and thanks as always for your support.


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