Sand Storm

We're experiencing a sand storm all weekend.  No worries, nothing like the Mission Impossible 3 kind. I think a strong one like that happens in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Luckily we've not experienced it here.  Driving on a highway means very low visibility and yes, a lot of sand. Wearing shades or glasses or goggles if you must to protect the eyes would be helpful.  

 I grabbed the camera to drive around  to see how it is.  There's a cyclist braving the sand storm.

On a normal day, the skyline view of towers can be seen from here, but today, 
they seem to have been erased by sand.

We're better off staying indoors. It's getting worse by the hour.
Have you experienced sand storm?  
What did you do?


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  1. Yikes, I've never experienced one and I'm sure that in the beginning, it might be quite novel but get old after a bit.

  2. Nope, just really bad fog. But careful and enjoy your travels !

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. whoa, i've never encountered a sand storm. i don't imagine it'd be very fun...stay safe! happy weekend :)

  4. Omg. That doesn't look too good. Hope you stay safe safe indoors.

  5. Is it weird that I have always wanted to be caught up in a sandstorm? Like maybe not in it but in that glass hotel in Dubai during a storm. That has to be just so cool! Like seeing the center of a tornado!


  6. I've never experienced a sandstorm. It doesn't sound like fun. Good luck cleaning up after it!

  7. Goodness!!! That does not look fun. Who in their right mind would be cycling?!? Cleaning up after the beach is bad enough...that cleanup process would never end! Stay safe!

  8. haha Mission Impossible 3- well that's at least good to hear! jeeze, i hope it'll blow over quickly, but it does look pretty cool in your pictures. it's definitely something interesting to see!

  9. I've only experienced a sand storm once in Australia. it was so very dusty and horrible, everything was covered in a layer of sand. Not fun.

  10. Given the fact that the most that happens here in England is rain or snow, I am always intrigued by extreme weather (although I don't think I would like to clean up after a sand storm).

  11. The worst I have experienced is hurricanes.

    Stay safe, sweets.


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