Travel Quote of the Week

" If you don't know where you're going, 
any road will lead you there." - Unknown

 View from Twin Peaks, San Francisco U.S.A.

This quote may sound funny at first glance, but I've been thinking a lot about it. Many at times, I wonder, if we have made different decisions back then, will we end up in the same place or situation eventually? 

Since we cannot see where we are going, I wonder how decisions right now will affect us in the long run? 

If in life, our destination is shaped by the choices we make, I suppose we should have a clear idea of our destination in order to get there?

Somehow this quote gives me comfort. I feel like I'm in a roundabout right now. Continuously in circles not knowing where to go. Do you feel this way sometimes?

These are thoughts I'd leave with you this week.

Have a great start of the week everyone!

{P.S. My cousin and her husband who are based in San Francisco took us there one cold summer evening to admire the city at night.}

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  1. That is a very true and beautiful quote, Arni!
    I love it!

    One of my favorite quotes is 'journeys end in lovers meeting' by Shakespeare..

    Have a lovely evening!


  2. I think this is an amazing quote (seriously the blogosphere has been full of amazing quote today!)

  3. First of all, that picture is beyond beautiful! Second of all, this quote rings so true for me today. I have some difficult (travel) decisions to make and I needed to hear that more than ever today!

  4. Inspiring post Arni!

    I think it's normal to feel the way you do, at least for me as I have been quite lost at too many times in my life. I usually joke that at least you're sure you want to become a doctor and therefore study medicine it's always really difficult to figure out what to do with one's life.

    Also, someone shared some interesting thoughts with me this weekend: there are no wrong decisions, as we would never know what would have come out if we had taken another road and we'll never be able to compare, so whatever we do it's bound to be right. I think she was somehow true!

    Have a lovely week :)

    xoxo Irene

  5. Hi Arni,

    thank you!

    The dreamer post was about what I had dreamed last night. It was so very personal and intense that I felt, it was more appropriate to write in German. I dreamt that I met someone again, I missed. It was very real, and very touching. I was waiting (still in my dream) for words to come. Explanations maybe. But they did not. It was a mere wonderful scene from gestures and emotions and I was so curious how it would go on when my little puppy urged me to wake up and get out.... I was trying to hold on to this feeling, tried to protect those emotions from flying away from me, as dreams mostly tend to, they fade away...

    I felt that I was not able to form the words in English as exact as I it would come out in German. Usually I use English as my quasi mother tongue, since I often catch myself talking, thinking, dreaming in English, maybe due to my many stays abroad or to my love to the language in general.
    When I finished it kind of felt stupid to just merely translate it. I know that it is strange and feels that I hide some content from the majority of my readers, but it really isn't like that. Maybe I have some inspiration for this post in English later today. Or so. I shall let you know, if you like.


  6. I like this quote, too. I think it means we always end up where we're supposed to be, even if we don't quite know where that is.

  7. I guess sometimes the road gets cloudy and that's why we feel a little lost... But it will definitely takes us where we're going!

  8. Beautiful quote about life, simple but beautiful.


    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  9. Great quote! I was just coming off of another blog where I read a great quote. It must be a lucky day for wonderful quotes :)

  10. I'm feeling this quote right now. I'm glad to know that feeling lost and not knowing if the right decisions have been made is not something strange. That I'm not the only one. We can only hope for the best. As long as there are no regrets and we did what we can based on the circumstances available :)

  11. So true, I feel exactly the same way now,I've been in a roundabout last three months, taking bad decisions and being lost...and the reason is exactly that I don't know where I want to go from here.
    But I guess sometimes we just need to make mistakes to get stronger wake up and say I will do my best today to go wherever we want to stand up and fight Arni, we will see the way soon.