Weekend of Food

Weekend is upon us here. The next two days will be all about food and parties.This is our final weekend in Dubai before our trip. Gosh, how time flies! It's already March tomorrow!

I'm spending the entire weekend, cleaning up- preparing for a Sangria and Tapas Party my husband and I are throwing before we leave. I'm preparing a four-course meal, cooking up  Paella, making gazpacho for the first time and along with all the tapas for aperitif and finally baking a carrot cake for dessert. We'll be attending a children's party in between. 

Just a quick foodie post that I did on my other page on one of my comfort food- beef stroganoff.  Click here for the post and recipe.

The husband and I watched this documentary called Hungry for Change two nights ago.

I think both of us have been scarred for life since (Just kidding) Since then we started checking out labels while shopping at the supermarket. We both have been on fresh greens, while still having one meal of meat a day.  I'm guilty of being addicted to Diet Soda so I've been on the clear for three days now.  Reaching for water every time I feel I want a gulp.  (let's see where this goes)

Butter is something I can never give up and same with cheese. I have been a lacto-vegetarian for 7 years until after my wedding day. Being a vegetarian was a lifestyle choice and I faced no problems with it in the past, except that I missed invites for parties a lot and often get teased for eating grass during gatherings. It wasn't difficult and back then I've never felt deprived.  I was eating veggies while someone was devouring a barbecued pork rib right  in front of me and did not feel tempted. 

What changed? I don't know. I just ordered myself a big Whopper with cheese one day and that was the end of it. :)

Back to Hungry for Change, the lifestyle choice segment of this documentary is what I like, while not depriving ourselves but being conscious and more aware of what we eat, being able to make that decision just before jumping in a great looking pizza. Quite tough for  gourmands but everything is possible.

Have a great weekend to you all!

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  1. Beef Strogonoff is a favourite of mine especially with rice. I must check out your variation.

  2. Wow - 4 course meal! Sounds amazing! I have never heard of that documentary - will have to check it out! Have a wonderful couple of days before your trip!

  3. Oh, that sounds nice to throw a tapas party! Great idea!

    I absolutely agree with you, that is more important to look at what we eat, and how it has been grown, than to just strictly cut out everything.
    Myself I am a vegetarian, with occasional appetite for specific sorts of fish / seafood. I do not deny it to myself, since I think my body kinda needs it, if it is craving for it. Though, I look at where it comes from: I would not buy any fish from aqua culture and would always go for wild fish.
    For the rest I am really ok with eating vegetarian. I love all those different recipes and do not feel I miss out on something.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Wow, you're already leaving! Time really flies!

    How fun that you're doing a tapas and sangría party, have lot of fun with it. Whenever I go back home I ask my mum to cook paella for me because I love it, but because I love it so much I never try it anywhere else because I think I'll get disappointed hehe.

    I might take a look at that documentary as I'm also becoming quite concious about the food I eat. I don't think I could be a vegetarian but it is true that while I'm alone I hardly ever eat meat and I really live on vegetables, cereals and fruits.

    Have a great weekend, Arni!
    xo Irene

  5. MMm mmm your dish looks wonderful. I'm finding myself eating less and less meat these days but that also has to do with cooking NOT AT ALL. I do miss eating burgers but can't bring myself to do it during the work week