I Love Chateaux : Château d'Amboise

It's a beautiful Tuesday and  the sky is unusually blue today so I'd like to dedicate a sunny post to our Loire Valley mid-morning trip to Amboise. The town sits nicely next to the banks of the Loire River. The closest big city is Tours, while Château de Chenonceau   is only 18 km away.

Have a Picnic. I had to pause to take a picture of this family having a picnic together with a stunning setting.  I think that's a perfect and truly beautiful thing to do in a gorgeous summer day like this.

A trip to Château d'Amboise.  There were a lot of tourists. Cafes and restaurants were alive and almost full.

The castle is mostly known for being the royal residences of the Kings Charles VIII and King Francois I.  The medieval fortress is not as spectacular as it seems to be because a lot were destroyed during the World War II.   However, it's well worth the visit for the history and the view of the Loire River and its tranquil townscape. The castle ground is huge and the gardens are simple yet serene. 

L: View from the Castle /  R: Proof that the husband was bored out of his mind.

The tomb of Leonardo da Vinci rests here inside the chapel.  He spent the last few years of his life in Amboise.  

Please do not miss the chance of visiting  Château du Clos Lucé - a manor house where Leonardo da Vinci officially resided between 1516 to 1519.  King Francis I, with his penchant for Architecture and the Arts enjoyed his company very much, so he had  Clos Luce built for Leonardo, where he can work and play.  There's a museum where his works are displayed. There is even an underground passageway from his home to Château d'Amboise.

I should say that, because I missed it. I wanted to linger and stay for a lot longer within the city, but the impatient husband wanted to get out of there to visit the next destination.  He got bored with all the historical stuff, while I was enjoying all the stories of Middle Ages.  I long to go back one day to Loire Valley again to see more.  

{Back to Reality}  The in-laws are arriving tomorrow morning. I'm going to bake chocolate chip cookies because I love the scent of newly baked goods and to keep the family busy munching. I'll be cooking up a storm the next seven days or so and am now on a mission to stocking the kitchen cabinets with all the ingredients I will need. Wish me luck. 

I wish you all a beautiful week!

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  1. I loved the outdoor cafes in Paris. These look just as inviting. Love the pictures.

    Enjoy your cookies. I made some yesterday!

  2. What a gorgeous castle! Too bad your husband was a bit bored :( Good luck with the cookies, I'm sure you'll do a great job.

  3. Ooo this place is gorgeous. I need a second visit to France, esp with your frequent posts on the country. I love history - my favourite subject at school. Maybe next time your hubby can stay outside or do something else while you spend more time the Chateau?