Lazing Around in El Nido Town

El Nido Town is for nightlife enthusiasts. It's not a crazy party place. It's still laid-back but it has the most pulsating vibe in comparison to its neighboring towns on the northern tip of Palawan. Staying within the town center or "bayan" is a practical choice.  The accommodations are cheaper. The beach side restaurant and bars will lure you. Time will melt away unnoticed. Everything in walking distance will guarantee savings from tricycle fares when eating out. The amazing number of tourists will make your travel a fun one. 

Afternoon view at Sea Slugs Bar, drinking margarita while waiting for sunset.

We were lucky to have arrived during  the season of "Fiesta."  15th  to 16th of March marks the peak of the week-long Balinsasayaw Festival in El Nido. It's a  yearly tradition where the entire community celebrates. Boat races, pageants, dances, colorful parades, games, and feasts will guarantee unusual entertainment. Streamers were everywhere.  In most provinces, fiesta means locals opening their homes to friends, neighbors, strangers and tourists.  Each home prepares a gigantic feast and everyone is invited! 

El Nido Town
When I was young, being a city girl, my friends and I traveled to the countryside to take part in festivals.  Each province has its own date in the calendar. We usually stayed over at a friend's vacation home. We went from house to house, piled our plates until our bellies grew so full.  When I think about it now, it does sound like a crazy tradition.  The hospitality and openness of the folks are heartwarming. The last fiesta I had, many years ago ended with a bad case of indigestion.

Reggae music blasts in the air. Downside in El Nido town are the noise from tricycle sounds, loud music and party folks. The structures are closely spaced with narrow alleys. The quality of most accommodations are not well maintained. The service in most restaurants are very slow (perhaps due to lack of staff).  In each case, there are exceptions.

Where to Stay?
Entalula Resort is an interesting family run beachfront guest house to stay in town.  My friend, Zepy of Travel Explore and Beyond stayed here during her adventure in El Nido. For her review click  here

Beach front side of Entalula Resort
Main Entrance of Entalula Beach Cottages along Calle Hama
Entalula Resort Contact Details:
Telephone+63 920 906 6550 
                  +63 908 475 7654
                  +63 921 625 2908

Check their rates here

**Otherwise, I highly recommend staying in Corong-Corong Beach . One can always ride the tricycle to get to town at a whims notice.  Php 50 (US $ 1.25 / Eur 1.00) fare one way for the full tricycle to town (Maximum of 3 passengers).

In case high end luxury is right up your alley, stay in the private island white sand beach resorts of Miniloc Island Resort, Lagen Island, and Pangulasian Island Resort

This is the kind of luxury I was talking about.  Pangulasian Beach Villa. {Source:
Pangulasian Pool Villa {Source:
We didn't stay there. I'm just trying to make myself drool by posting the above images.

So back to the story..

Where to Eat?
The night life at the town center is vibrant.  There's a multicultural pot of local city folks leaving their stresses back in Manila and Western backpackers ready to try the local street food. Bars and restaurants are streaming with acoustic guitar music at night time. My husband and I were surprised by the incredible number of French tourists here competing with the population of travelers from Germany. I see this as great news for us, if we were to set up something in the near future.

El Nido Boutique & Artcafe

We walked down a small alley parallel to the beach one evening. We found the menu in El Nido Boutique & Artcafe interesting. We were surprised by the band vocalist's excellent voice singing  With or Without You by U2. We ended up coming here several times for dinner and breakfast enjoying the fantastic vibe, great food and music. Service here is much faster than the others and it's always full.

Must try:
Outstanding views while dining in  The Alternative Bar/Restaurant.  They have this cantilevered deck with comfy ellipse-shaped cushioned seating, perfect for lounging around over drinks in the evening overlooking the sea.

The Alternative {Source:
Hammocks and El Nido go together
El Nido has rapidly transformed into a very touristy destination in the last couple of years. It is clearly demonstrated by the gigantic leap in land costs from Php 150 (US $ 4) per square meter a decade ago to Php 3,500 (US $ 85) per square meter now at the time of writing along Corong-Corong Beach. The prices will continue to rise.

I'm happy to share a lovely song with you for a lazy day like this..

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What's your definition of lazing around in a town like this?
We ended up staying in El Nido longer than we've planned.
What would you most likely be doing? Will you be staying longer too?

Happy Monday!

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  1. i think id spend part of my time eating and then crashing on a hammock... love it!

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit! I could just feel the festive atmosphere from your pictures!

  3. Beautiful photos, I would love to go on holidays to somewhere like this some time! I would swim everyday in the ocean and enjoy the local food and romantic sunsets :)

    Have a great week, Arni!
    xo Irene

    p.s. lovely chanson!

  4. Pangulasian pool and beach villa looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Wow! The photographs are absolutely amazing. And those views! THE VIEWS. Spectacular.

  6. Hahaha, so honestly, I look at your posts and I start making mental notes about future honeymoon spots. BUT I can't decide now. Too many options!!

  7. Arni, I can't tell you how much I enjoy these posts of yours - they are so captivating (and USEFUL)! This looks like my kind of destination! So you and your husband are thinking about setting up something? Tell us more??!

  8. Dhow Cruise is one of the best things to do in the Dubai.

  9. how amazing! thanks for this guide to el nido :)

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