Zumba Love

Have you tried zumba?  The closest I've seen was a youtube video of a happy group dancing to Latin tunes until yesterday when I received a friend's invitation to join her at the gym,  Fitness 360 with a free 7-day guest pass. My husband is away on a business trip and I've been mostly running alone, swimming alone, or staying indoors reading while indulging in a detox diet for a few days.  I happily said yes.  After unexpectedly getting into an ab workout with her instructor, we later signed up for a zumba class.

The dance instructor, Lily greeted us with a big smile. There were just the two of us in the class.  We had the room to ourselves.  An elderly lady joined midway. We all danced breathlessly for an hour. I absolutely loved it! The feet started moving on their own and we managed to sway our hips in ways we never thought we could.

Today, we decided to go back to the gym, daring ourselves to try a belly-dancing class after a session of weight lifting.   Let's see how it goes..

What is your favorite fitness activity? 

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  1. I love the concept of Zumba and have always thought it looked fun but with my severe lack of co-ordination, I would just be flailing arms and legs! I adore running, it burns off all my stress (and hopefully my fat) and it's the only "workout" I feel fantastic after. I am partial to a few workout DVDs too!

  2. I have friends who love to zumba. I think it would be a fun activity. I have been lazy especially now that it has gotten cooler in Sydney - lazy me just want to lie in bed.

  3. I've heard zumba is a lot of fun. It's offered at my daughter's dance studio, but I just don't have time to take it. I usually run a couple of miles on the treadmill three times a week for my exercise. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I tried zumba once and I also liked it, even though I ended up breathless!
    I did bellydancing for a year and I absolutely love it! Love the rythms, the moves, the beautiful scarves. Once I settle down somewhere again and I want to keep on improving my bellydancing skills.

    Hope you enjoy it :)
    xo Irene

  5. i've never tried zumba but my friends LOVE it. now i am more tempted to give it a try! :)

  6. Right now it's Zumba, but I also love working outside in my garden.

  7. You have to try Bokwa!!! I sweat twice as much than in Zumba and I personally find it to be more fun!

    Lattes & Lacee

  8. I haven't tried but I hear a lot of great things about it! I always just tend to run or do the stairmaster. But when i'm feeling silly I dance along to Sweatin to the Oldies with Richard Simmons! :)