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I found Just One Day, a new novel by Gayle Forman (Author of If I Stay and Where She Went) at the new arrivals window display of a bookstore while on vacation. 

Release Date:  January 8, 2013
Publisher:      Dutton Juvenile

It's a story beautifully told about Allyson Healey, a dutiful daughter whose life has been planned and laid out for her by her protective parents. She travels to Europe, given to her as a graduation present, only to discover her adventurous self when she meets a laid-back Dutch actor, Willem de Ruiter in a Shakespearean underground play- Twelfth Night. The immediate attraction between them sends her to live in the guise of her alter-ego "Lulu" in Paris for one day. Their fateful encounter liberates her authentic self and unexpectedly transforms her life in a profound way.

Here are some quotes from the book:

“...being Lulu, it made me realize that all my life I've been living in a small, square room, with no windows and no doors. And I was fine. I was happy, even. I thought. Then someone came along and showed me there was a door in the room. One that I'd never even seen before. Then he opened it for me. Held my hand as I walked through it. And for one perfect day, I was on the other side. I was somewhere else. Someone else. And then he was gone, and I was thrown back into my little room. And now, no matter what I do, I can't seem to find that door.” 
- Gayle Forman, Just One Day- Good Reads

“I think you're the sort of person who finds money on the ground and waves it in the air and asks if anyone has lost it. I think you cry in movies that aren't even sad because you have a soft heart, though you don't let it show. I think you do things that scare you, and that makes you braver than those adrenaline junkies who bungee-jump off bridges.” 
- Gayle Forman, Just One Day- Good Reads

Review:  I couldn't put it down. I finished it in 4 days. It  kept me company in the airport lounge, hammock, bus station and on the boat. I laughed and cried while reading this book. It has now become one of my favorites. The author's words were soothing to read. The personal transformation of Allyson when she gracefully blossoms into maturity in accepting and fighting for who she is, has left a deep and lasting impression in me, apart from the spark between her and mysterious Willem. The story also tells about friendship, how she, at one point or another lost touch of an old friendship and how she managed to build new and lasting ones through change. It was hard to part with the book and I'm happy to say that there is a sequel -  Just One Year that tells his (Willem's) side of the story.

I'm currently reading If I Stay because of this book.
Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds so compelling! I am already hooked! Off to check if I can get it on Kindle!

  2. I love books where you can feel emotionally attached to the characters. This sounds like a great book!


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