Room Hunting Adventure in El Nido

We arrived at the bus terminal  next to a public market around lunch time after a long bus ride not knowing where to go next. My husband asked, "Shall we stay in El Nido town?" My answer was, "No, I'd like to stay in Corong-Corong beach. It's more quiet." 

Greenviews Resort, Corong-Corong Beach
Aboard a tricycle, we went to the most recommended backpackers by Lonely Planet in Corong-Corong, Greenviews Resort. I waited next to hibiscus shrubs and bougainvillea while guarding our luggage. The husband came out of the restaurant/reception without an accommodation in Greenviews. 

Hungry and annoyed, regretting not booking anything, we slumped down into the wooden bench, staring at the sleeping bags.  Having skipped breakfast, we were both tired and hungry, unable to find anything to eat during the bus stopovers.  "They're all fully booked. It's tourist season. But...." 

As luck would have it, we were offered a room in a private gigantic house next door owned by a friend of the  resort owner. 

We decided to stay in this huge beachfront mansion in the middle of a landscaped garden  for a night. At the balcony overlooking the beach, we chatted a bit with the nice, demure, rich yet down-to-earth lady of the house.  She is based in Texas with her husband and we talked about her travel stories.

I found this in a shop in El Nido Town /  His (San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer) & Hers (San Mig Light)
We had lunch at the restaurant of Greenviews Resort.  It is located at the upper deck facing the beach. It was packed with foreign tourists. We sat at the bar and enjoyed a light conversation with the friendly bartenders. A cold Pale Pilsen beer and a delicious chicken curry later, we booked our island hopping tours there.  There were Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, Tour D.  There were just so many islands to see! We asked for the most interesting and farthest route with the least tourists and we settled for Tour C.

If you want to reserve before, contact:
Greenviews Resort El Nido
Telephone: 0921 586 1442 
Check out their website:
**Greenviews also has another resort in Port Barton, same owners.
    Free Wi-Fi

Corong-Corong Beach
Corong-Corong Beach

As a highly recommended alternative, accommodation in Corong-Corong Beach is perfect for those who'd like to have a reflective time staying in a beachfront cottage, lying in hammocks, lounging while sipping cocktail and getting lost in a good book.  El Nido Corong-Corong beach has clear shallow water with golden sand.

If you remember my previous post, I watched the sunset here.

Talindak, Corong-Corong Beach
  • It's a 5-7 minute ride on a tricycle away to town. If you have enough time, it's walking distance. 
  • Electricity in El Nido is generally from 14:00 - 06:00   However, that night, at the mansion, electricity was off at 12 Midnight. No electric fan. No air conditioning. It was hot and humid and we were sweating all night. 
  • The are no banks and no ATMs in El Nido
The next day, we bid goodbyes and checked out of the beach mansion.  We wanted a space to ourselves. It was weird enough using the bathroom of the lady of the house with a connected bathroom door to her bedroom. We felt like house crashers, since her home is not designed as an inn where we can freely go in and out whenever we please. However, we were thankful that we had a place to stay for our first night. 

We started walking around from one beach cottage to the next, checking out rooms. 

Until we found this!

Talindak is the accommodation the Swedish couple we met in Puerto Princesa highly recommended to us. They showed the photo to us on their digital camera. The middle aged couple stayed here for two weeks. They were fully booked. At the last minute, the people staying in the same cottage decided to check out. We were ecstatic!

It's located a stone throw away  left of Greenviews (facing the sea)

Talindak Beach front Cottages
Sitio Lugadia, Corong-Corong, El Nido, Palawan
Telephone:  0909 492 5944 / 0918 679 7643
Email address:
Owners: Elmie & Buddy Ermino 
Standard Fan Room (Beach Front):  Php 1500 / night (US$ 37 / Eur 28)
**No website available yet

It's a family-run beach front cottage that started three years ago. They started with a nipa duplex that was regularly occupied all year round. This allowed them to build another set of cottages beside  it.  They're currently renovating their own home within the same lot to accommodate more guests.

According to them, last Chinese New Year was the peak of all peak times, they had to say no to the huge number of tourists and a lot of them insisted pitching up a tent within their grounds when there were no rooms available.

To cut the long story short, we booked it for a night and then extended them till the end of our stay.

While  in Corong-Corong, please do not miss the beach front spa place offering great massages en plein air en face de la plage!

Ailyn's Magic Touch Massage :  The prices are effectively displayed on the board outside. A 1 hr magic  massage is equivalent to Php 400. ( US$ 10 / Eur 8).  It's along Corong- Corong Beach two resorts down on your right (facing the sea) from Greenviews.

They sometimes exceed 1 hour.  I had a massage twice here during our stay. It's better to go there earlier and avoid the last hours before closing time.

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Love & light,

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  1. I wish I was here! I really do admire you and your husband investing in these great travels! And thoughts go out to people in Boston and also people impacted by the earthquake! :(

  2. What a paradise! I love how tropical everything is, and how calm the whole place feels!

  3. Wow, your pictures are absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful place to stay.

  4. Beautiful place! Looks so relaxing.

  5. I know I have said this to you before but I am never brave enough to go on holiday without booking anything in advance, I am far too much of a control freak but you found such gems at short notice - I am really starting to rethink how I book holidays. Such a beautiful place too! :)

  6. Arny I'm so coward to go anywhere without booking in advance, but I see now sometimes is the best thing to do, I imagine how akward has to be the feeling of I don't have a place to stay, but well unless you found great people.
    Love the pictures, really wonderful.

  7. I love those pictures. You're brave. I book my reservations before I go because I'm always nervous I won't find a place if I try to wing it.

  8. I literally never ever book anything in advance, and I LOVE when things work out so amazingly in the end. That mansion you got to stay in sounds amazing, and such a stroke of luck. And that pale beer literally made me go mmm haha. This looks like such a paradise! That beach looks so calm, and how amazing are those hammocks?! Oh I'm getting wander lust all over again!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. This place looks amazing. You make me want to book now and head there for a nice relaxing trip - something I really need atm. Can't wait to see more pics from you trip.

  10. Love all these beautiful pics of paradise.

    Yes, I always reserve ahead, but diving in without a plan sounds spontaneous and fun too.

  11. Nice blog thanks for sharing wonderful article, these are the best vacation holiday spot for family. For Budget Hotel in Tirunelveli Visit Hotels in Tirunelveli near Bus Stand

  12. Thank you so much for your post. I am going through the dilemma right now of where to stay in El Nido. Do I stay in the town or do I stay at the beach? I am going to look up some of your suggestions.

    1. Hello Liz, It all depends if you can tolerate noise. If you prefer peace and quiet, staying away from town is a good option.


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