Ride on Top of a Jeepney

One of the highlights of our trip was an unplanned ride on top of a jeepney.  A jeepney is the most popular public transportation in the Philippines. 

On top watching scenic views 
"Jeepneys" originated from surplus US military jeeps that were left behind during World War II. They were converted into small public buses catering to both city and countryside folks. Crowded  seating for passengers with regular routes throughout the country.

The Jeepney
In the city, jeepney drivers are excellent in multitasking. They collect fares while maneuvering a seemingly chaotic traffic. In the province where the journeys are longer, there's usually a conductor responsible for fares, handling, and off-loading of goods.

The jeepney we took from Port Barton to Salvacion
How to get to Sabang from Port Barton
We were leaving Port Barton headed to Sabang. We opted to travel by land aboard this massive Puerto Princesa bound transport for two hours along rough gravel paths leading up to the main road.

Jeepney fare is at Php 200  (USD 5 / Eur 4) per person.

It was very dusty. So much that my white shirt turned brownish grey and my husband, Yohann who's dark haired had instant blond highlights. (Darn,I should have taken a before and after photo). 

We got off at Salvacion Junction (along the National Highway) along with three other travelers we met who were also headed towards the same direction. We all waited for another transport going towards the Sabang route. 

How to get to Sabang from Salvacion
There was a tricycle at the waiting shed charging us Php 800 (USD 20 / Eur 16) one way that can accommodate three passengers. 

We declined and chose to wait for a public transport, that would cost Php 150 ( USD 4 / Eur 3) per person fare  from Salvacion to Sabang. { I started chatting with the conductor during the trip and he eventually gave us all a discount of Php 100 per person }

Scenic view atop the public vehicle

"It's about the journey, not the destination."

We waited for about 15- 20 minutes until a completely packed jeepney appeared.
I looked at Yohann and said, "It's full, shall we wait for the next one?"
He answered while hailing it, "Let's ride on top."
I later found myself throwing my backpack upwards. The conductor grabbed it like a football player.
I climbed and fell on sacks of rice and bags, between huge boxes and cases of juice bottles
fitted perfectly on top of a fiber glass boat securely fastened with ropes on the jeepney roof.
Let's go!

It was a scenic route to Sabang.
The journey was around 45 minutes from Salvacion.
We occasionally had to bend our heads down to avoid being slapped by tree branches.
The wind was perfect against the heat.
To our delight, it drizzled! We welcomed a fresh shower from the sky.

It was breathtaking up there and fun too!
My husband and I enjoy remembering and talking about it.
 I'm happy to have captured them with my black box. 
We're so glad for that experience. 

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Was there a particular journey where you have enjoyed the ride more than the actual destination?

Happy April 1st!

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  1. I love that you chatted with other travellers and all banded together! We tend to just do our own thing when we travel and don't take the time to get to know other people, we are getting better though! I don't think I have experienced a ride this cool but we did have a particularly scary bus experience in Greece (where I was so hungover I got sick) which still makes my husband laugh!

  2. Amazing stuff! I love your photos and your story! Really made me want to join ya when you said LET'S GO! :)

  3. That looks like an amazing ride!!! So cool.

  4. Aww that looks like fun!! Being up there, get some sun (ok, we Europeans have had a lack of sun for too long, so please excuse me ;-)) and see all the beautiful landscape! Wow!

    And sure - it;s about the journey not the destination!

    Lovely pictures!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, Arni!


  5. It looks both exhilarating and frightening, and an amazing experience!

  6. Travelling on the jeepney looks like fun! I'll have to remember this if I ever write a book in my series that's set in the Philippines.


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