The Long Beach of San Vicente

Long Beach
San Vicente's 14 kilometer long white sand beach is best explored on a motorbike.  We rented one from the kind owner of Peace and Love Resort. Riding behind my husband, enjoying the tropical breeze, it was a perfect morning to visit the countryside. {Read about the prequel here} Every now and then we got a glimpse of the above sea view as we drove along the main road parallel to the beach. 

Beach 1 Access
There are three public access to visit San Vicente Long Beach.  We were asked to pay an entrance fee at Beach 1.  It's privately owned and we were told that they're selling their property. 

Almost all of the beach front properties in San Vicente are all sold. There are only three lots left that are available for sale.  The prices of the beach front lands at the time of our visit, last March 2013 cost Php 4000 per square meter(USD 93 per square meter). Php 3000 for the second lots. 
Note: We didn't check these prices with the municipality by the way whether these were the actual property market value. We just got these prices during conversations with locals. 

Land prices dramatically increased when the construction of the Domestic Airport started. A few major hotel brands have acquired properties already. They, along with other property owners, are just waiting for the airport to be finished before they commence resort construction.

Beach # 1
Beach 1
Beach 1
The Wanderer
Drinking fresh coconuts
Beach # 2
Beach 2 Access
Wind and waves in San Vicente are perfect for water sports
Beach 2
Clear water on a sunny day
More of Beach 2
 Beach # 3
We got a map from Peace & Love Resort. They placed signs to mark the location of  the three beach access.
Beach 3 View
Beach 3 View. We found a huge family enjoying a picnic in Beach 3. 
 It took us mid-morning to mid-afternoon to visit all three beach points, including the nearby town of Alimanguan from San Vicente Poblacion. We were hoping to catch a cockfight session in action, but we didn't find the cock fight arena in Alimanguan. {Alimango means large crab in Filipino language. The name of the town was derived from its popular trade and livelihood- catching crabs}

Crab cages in Alimanguan
What we love about San Vicente is the raw and unspoiled nature of a tranquil and secluded countryside like an undiscovered treasure of the main island of Palawan. I highly recommend that you  take advantage of it while the airport is still unfinished.  It may be a challenge to get there but it's all worth it!

How to Get to San Vicente from El Nido

 Wishing you all a productive week!
Love and light,

P.S. My apologies for the lack of posts the past few days. Getting back to the rhythm of Interior Design / Architecture work life is tougher than I have anticipated. Most evenings, I came home brain dead.  Hopefully, as soon as I acclimatize I'll be able to strike a work-life-blog balance.

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  1. hi Arni...

    what a beautiful place!!! i can't help but staring and realised that I really miss philippines!!!!

    i'm very busy too.. baby just finished school so I'm lack of post too...

    hope you're having a lovely weekend!!!!
    keep in touch.

    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  2. Those are all beautiful beaches! I wish I could just jump in the pictures and be there.

  3. It's like something straight off a postcard! That's exactly where I want to be right now! Hope that you aren't finding being back at work too stressful. How is it going?

  4. I've never been to an exotic place in my life, so this all looks so tropical and lovely to me, dear!

  5. Such an amazing place, I would love to have my own beach, let's keep dreaming, I hope I will win the lottery some of this days.

    1. p.s. Best luck on going back to work you will be the best on it for sure.

  6. the beaches of san vicente are breathtaking!!!! thank you for glimpses of these wonderful places :)

  7. Exploring beautiful, private beaches and drinking straight from coconuts sounds like a wonderful dream!

  8. i wish i can just lie on the sand for hours and empty my head! :) hope you are having a productive week as well!

  9. I can't believe how gorgeous that beach is! Wow!

  10. All look amazing! How exciting. I can't wait to see you break ground.


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