Travel Recap: The Garden City, Bangalore

If there is one country I'd like to head back to, that would be India. Yohann was assigned for a month in Bangalore in 2008. I came to visit him there for a weekend, taking a day off work for a 3 day 2 nights stay using earned air miles. I had no expectations going there at that time. I have always been a fan of Indian Cuisine so that was one of my goals there- Eat as much Indian food as I possibly can. (which I happily and greedily did by the way.)

I remember arriving at Bengaluru International Airport on my own at 4AM on a Friday morning, happy to see my husband waiting for me at the arrivals after being away from him for a month. It was dark, but I can already see silhouettes of trees and structures rapidly moving as the cab driver dashed like a maniac on the other side of the road. I was too sleepy to care and I missed my husband very much, I was thankful that we arrived at the hotel apartment much earlier.
Bangalore Technical Campus
Bangalore Technical Campus
Somehow, I fell well at ease in Bangalore. What I liked about the city was a sense of freedom, no one really fussed about tourists.  I was walking around in short shorts enjoying the tropical weather and I was pretty comfortable there. The people were nice and friendly, a lot of serious and smart looking business men and women up and about in this big IT hub mixed with other locals who are already preoccupied in their daily tasks.  Coffee Day coffee shop greeted us at every corner.

Bangalore State Library
A  reflective visit inside ISCKON Temple, Bangalore

The greenery deprived desert girl jumped at the sight of gigantic trees and lush gardens!  A mid morning trip to Lal Bagh Botanical Garden which means, The Red Garden situated in Southern Bangalore was a refreshing break.

Famous Glasshouse at Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
Welcome to Bangalore Botanical Garden 
The climate was warm and slightly humid
Lush greens
This gigantic tree inside the garden caught our eye
Fascinated by how massive and old this tree is.
Spot the squirrel

On the road:
One thing is for sure. I can never ever drive in India!  I was impressed by how skillful the motorists on the road were. I was riding behind the rickshaw driver and the truck missed me by an inch. It's amazing!

My husband refers to the road driving as "organized chaos". Believe it or not, these drivers are smoothly coordinated, moving in rhythm while I stifled a scream every now and then. Then I'd suddenly find a cow crossing the road sometimes briefly resting at the intersection.  I found this rather fascinating because I've never seen this before even in the chaotic traffic in Manila.

Riding the rickshaw was fun indeed and it's a must- try. 

Bangalore Palace.  This was an unusual yet interesting architectural find in India
There was a grand wedding for a big celebrity being prepared here at the time of our visit and there was a huge team of contractors and decorators setting up the place.

Reminiscing about traveling this weekend. On a personal note, I just went through Lasik eye surgery and I'm thankful it was successful.  It was great waking up in the morning without bothering to put on eyeglasses before checking the alarm clock. The world seems oh so clear and I can finally say goodbye to specs and contact lenses. 

Have a lovely weekend to everyone!
Love & Light,

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  1. it's definitelly a country of exotic architecture and aromas!
    Congrats on the succesful surgery :) I'm still wearing my stylish eyeglasses :)

  2. hi Arni!!! as always I enjoy reading your story... India is amazing and beautiful for its own aspects. I never been there and honestly, never thought of visiting there.. but this post encourage me to go ;)

    take care and wish you a lovely weekend!!!! your pictures are beautiful too!!! you just captured all ;)
    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  3. We had very different experiences in India. I was supposed to go to Bangalore, but ended up going to Pune instead for a few days. I felt reallllly overwhelmed in India.

    My travel agent asked me if I wanted to rent a car while I was there - I nearly laughed in her face.

  4. Beautiful photos, Arni! It looks like a really lovely trip! I would love to isit India some day but it seems so, so far away! You're so lucky for having traveled that much :)
    I also enjoy Indian food, it would be great to compare it with the Western version we get in Europe!

    Good to read that your surgery went well! Nice that wolrd seems a clearer and brighter place to you now :)

    Have a lovely Sunday!
    xo Irene

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I love that giant tree, too!

  6. I've never been to Bangalore, but I've heard good things about it. I've been considering Lasik for a while now... Do you have any vision problems, dry eyes and such after it, like I've heard has been the case with some who've had it? Or does it just feel friggoddin' awesome :D ? That beautiful tree...I LOVE it. I have a Thing for giant, old, beautiful trees! That photo made me so happy.

    1. Hi Vivienne, so far, the doctor who did it was really good. The whole procedure was really fast and after 6 hours of treatment I saw immediate results. Though it takes a few more days to get the optimum vision. There are prescribed medications after recovery for a week. I have to put some eye drops for a month since I use the computer a lot and to help with the dryness. I highly recommend it.

  7. Oh that tree! It's like something out of a movie. And I love Indian food too :)

  8. beautiful place! and congrats on a successful surgery! i've had some friends who went through lasik and loved that they had it done!

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  12. Hi Arnie, i'll be backpacking with a friend in India and our first stop is in Bangalore. Would you be able to give me advise on what to wear? It will be my first time in India and most advises I receive tell me to wear loose/modest blouse/pants with matching scarf if visiting temples/holy sites.


    1. Hello Paula, thanks for stopping by. Scarves were pretty handy in visiting temples and modest clothing do help especially when traveling up north. We traveled down south during the hot season and it was humid. I had no problem wearing shorts in Bangalore. People in this city were pretty nonchalant about it. Comfy pants would be better though especially when you do ride trains in India.

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  19. I am a travel guide in India but never been and to be honest never though to go to Bengalore but really enjoyed your story. I really understand what you said about the indian drivers :D it is an adventure all the rides here...


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