Weekend Brunch at the Coffeeshop Company

Friday morning tradition in our household is synonymous to  movies and a lazy English breakfast in bed. The idea roots from recuperating from the busyness of the week. Today, we did it differently. A walk on the beach under an increasing April heat along The Walk @ JBR, also known as Jumeirah Beach Residence was a treat.  There were 45 minutes to an hour queue outside restaurants offering Friday brunches while some spots were closed with traces of late-night service on a Thursday night. We were initially planning to fill our tummies at Ihop but decided to try the closest coffee shop that we spotted.  

The Coffeeshop Company with a tagline  "A Home in Vienna" proved to be a cozy spot right at the corner across Reel Cinema.  Child friendly with al fresco seating, there were mostly two-seater tables that could be put together when arriving in a group.  The servers were polite and efficient. It has a warm interior decor that makes you want to snuggle in and spend hours chatting with friends there.

Coffeeshop Company Interior

It is an Austrian family enterprise known to be a modern interpretation of the Viennese cafe with Espresso and Coffee to Go as their specialties.  For a coffee person, I will definitely come back to try first hand their selection of fresh coffee beans after the pregnancy.

English Breakfast at AED 35
Their English breakfast was okay, nothing extraordinary, but their sausages tasted really good. Since it's Dubai, there's definitely no pork. There was a selection of pastries and macarons at AED 7 per piece.  

Decaf Americano /  Pancakes
Refreshing iced fruit tea
What impressed us the most was their Scharf Fruit Tea. It's something that I will come back repeatedly for.

Do you have a Coffeeshop Company available near you?
Have a lovely weekend!

Love & light,

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  1. I am quite vulnerable nowadays. I see a picture of food and I find myself wanting. Now I want pancakes. Those look thick. So you are pregnant? Congrats!

  2. i'm not familiar with this place but the tea looks amazing. happy weekend to you as well!

  3. That looks like a pretty tasty place to be but English breakfast in bed sounds amazing! :)

  4. Those are probably the most perfectly round pancakes I have ever seen!

  5. Ahhh those cafes in Vienna, I think I could sit and lounge around in those all day (which may have been the point). This little spot looks so cute

  6. I've recently returned from Dubai and I was just catching up on your posts and spotted this one. I really like this area of Dubai even better with The Beach. We haven't tried this coffee shop yet. The tea looks delicious too.


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