Pregnancy Journey

Before the little one pops out, I would like to share a fun maternity pictorial we did on my 34th week. Fun because the photographer and make up artist are dear friends.  Though not so comfy, because in reality, holding a pose with a watermelon sized tummy is painful on the back. :)

Photography by Lito and Shela Flestado
Makeup by:  Cristine Joy

I would like to summarize my pregnancy journey here. I have never really talked deeply about it. I drafted a few key words and expounded the experience. Here goes..
  • Unexpected.  This little bub took us by surprise at a time when we gave up the idea of having a baby after many years of trying while having considered adoption when we leave Dubai one day. More so, that when my husband and I saw the positive pregnancy test, we didn't believe it until the doctor confirmed it is true.
  • Easy first trimesterNo morning sickness and no weird cravings. Just felt sleepy and fatigued.
  • Surprise. We asked the doctor not to reveal the gender, so we still have no idea.  
  • Quiet.  Only the closest family, colleagues, selected few friends and you, blog readers, knew about it. No announcement was made elsewhere until a few weeks ago on my 9th month.  
  • Blissful second trimester.  It is true what they say, second trimester is the best part. I even got to travel to celebrate Christmas with family in France.  However, we had a scare when I had bleeding the day after I arrived home in Dubai from the airport.  I was rushed to the emergency room and was grateful and relieved everything was okay. It was caused by stress and fatigue of the long flight and long train journey. I think I will limit travels to shorter ones in case I do undergo pregnancy again.
  • Challenging Work and Pregnancy Balance.  I found the job of my dreams and all the overtime work and project deadlines were a bit of a challenge physically, especially during my last trimester. I did enjoy it though because it took my mind off the wait and grateful that my bosses and colleagues were very supportive and understanding.
  • Pregnaholic. I was given this nickname along with another pregnant colleague because we worked like we were not pregnant right till my 38th week. I enjoyed work so much I asked for another week to extend work even though my maternity leave was due.
  • Sugar-free (due to gestational diabetes). We have served sweets during my baby shower  but all I could do was enjoy the sweets vicariously through the guests as I can't have any. I'm following a strict diet monitoring my blood sugar everyday. So far so good.
  • Enjoying every kick.  I seize the experience of every kick, nudge and punch to the gut even at 3AM because my due date is right around the corner. 
  • Weight gain. Something that suddenly went beyond my control during the last few weeks. 
  • Waiting game:   I currently have a bigger belly than what is shown in these pictures and far more stretch marks. :)  I'm experimenting with organic red raspberry leaf tea. Let's see if it's true that it makes labor shorter. Yes, I am scared and worried.  My hubby tries to reassure me, "Many women survived this throughout many centuries so can you." Hmm.. 

I guess that sums it all up. I'm off to sip the tea now. 
Have a beautiful weekend!

Love & light,

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  1. Arni, you look truly beautiful and have such a nice glow to you! I wish you all the best for the happy parents-to-be.

    I think the very thought of labour is scary but I'm sure you've prepared enough and get throught it. Hopefully quickly and with no complications.

    Have a lovely weekend you too x

  2. Congratulations, I'm happy that you and your hubby will finally have your first baby. I am not a mother yet, but maybe someday I will be. I hope that when I do, I'd become as pretty as you during pregnancy. May you have a safe delivery, and can't wait to see your baby. Maybe I'd see him/her in your blog in the coming days.

  3. oh my gosh you are beautiful! these pictures are so so very sweet. enjoy the time you have before you meet your new baby! xoxo

  4. Awwww, this is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us and we can't wait until baby gets here!

  5. What an exciting journey. These photos are all so lovely too!

  6. such pretty pictures and you're a pretty pregnant lady

  7. The pictures are beautiful and you are lovely! You're very lucky to be carrying a baby. I hope my time will come again soon.

  8. Beautiful! Such exciting time it must be. Wishing you and your hubby and baby all the best!! Love, Svenja X

  9. These photos are so lovely. What wonderful memories to keep! (Sorry for the uncomfortable aspect of taking them though.)


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