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Hello everyone! I'm guest posting over at Ashley's today of, Have Ashley Will Travel. Her travel blog stirs up my wanderlust in every visit, filled with beautiful landscape and food photos. Her adventures enable me to travel vicariously. Here's a sneak peek of one of the segments of today's post. Hop on over and say hello. Thank you so much Ashley for allowing me to share my story.

1.  A favorite travel memory

Each place I've visited, so far is special to me, but one  at the top of my head right now was a birthday trip to Seychelles, particularly La Digue Island.  A tropical hibiscus paradise surrounded by white sand beaches and clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean from all sides. 

We spent 4 days in La Digue. Biking, hiking and swimming. No internet, no cars, no mobile phone.

The 3-hour sickening boat ride we took to get there was insane. It was sheer adrenaline rush that can only be cured by an anti-motion sickness pill, even for someone like me, who was born in a tropical country and accustomed to boats. 

I enjoyed the long hikes with my husband as we explored La Digue on a bicycle, which was the primary transportation over there.  The highlight of our trip in La Digue, apart from the Creole cuisine and the All-day beach hopping, was the adventurous trek to see the jaw-dropping-gorgeous hidden paradise of Anse Marron.  

Anse Marron:  We tried getting there on our own but failed. Based on experience, go with a group led  by a professional local guide armed with a machete. It takes hours to get there and the trail to Anse Marron is tricky to find, controlled by the low and high tide.  The route we took started in the morning at the old plantation leading to Source D'Argent all the way to Grand Anse.

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 Wishing you all a lovely week!

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  1. those are such lovely photos!

  2. My goodness, all of these places look beautiful

  3. I clicked the link Arni, congratulations! I love everything that you said in that post. I hope that someday I can also travel the world like you do.

  4. such a great post arni! i always enjoy seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures!

  5. looks so beautiful! it would be a dream for me to be able to visit la digue island!

  6. Those are gorgeous pictures. It's great you got to see that place, even if the boat ride wasn't fun.

  7. So gorgeous. I would love to visit even if I have to endure the horrendous boat ride

  8. What a lovely birthday treat for you and even worth the boat ride! The rock formations are amazing here and I've often admired them in travel magazines. Your photos are stunning and I shall now pop over to Ashley's blog to read more!

  9. I love your guest post SO much. Thank you for your very kind words as well! <3


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