Live Life with Passion

I found this in one of my really old posts. This inspiring Thought for Today from Inner Space  made me realize that my continuous pursuit of this passion led me to find it after many years of being stuck in a rut out of denial and fear, so I'd like to share it with you too. It doesn't mean I have to stop there once the search is over, there are other passions that will show up in different parts of our lives. We'll just have to keep developing the skills and keep on going.

To live life with passion is to discover what invigorates 
and inspires your soul.  Make time to identify your passion.  
When you find your passion, it’s then possible to find direction and focus to do what you love. 
You don't have to focus on just one passion.  
Why not, do a little bit of everything that you love?
When you live with passion, you gain enthusiasm for life as a whole and as a result you’re better able to persist through life’s challenges.

Well said, don't you think?
I wish all of us in living life to the fullest!
Have a great week everyone!

Love & light,

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  1. You have an uncanny ability to tell me what I need to hear when I need to hear it. Thank you Arni (and hope you had a wonderful weekend)!

  2. I truly believe that sticking to your passions is the key to happiness.... sadly, not many people are in the situation to pursue their passions

  3. Passion does make wonders. I notice that when I am reall passionate about something I am more determined and focuses to pursue it and it tends to bring great results, not to mention, happiness.

  4. very true! i always tend to think that passion is something you needed to do outside of your home or doing something extraordinary. i never equate passion as something that could be part of your daily life too. i have a different perspective on how i want to live my life and most certainly i shouldn't exclude myself from not being passionate about things that make me happy and drive me now! :)

  5. beautiful post... a live without passion is not worth living!

  6. I agree! It's about living in the moment and enjoying every day. I hadn't thought about it before but wht not have several passions!


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