Happy Walk Series France : A Coastal Trail to Le Littoral

Hello everyone! How's this week going? Today, why don't we head off to sunny beaches along the Vendee Coast to bathe under the sun. This part of France is very sunny, so it was called Côte de Lumière which means Coast of Light. I am surprised by the amount of sun and heat this summer. Ah-huh and that's coming from someone who survived 45-50 degree Celsius summer heat in the Middle East. 

Exposure to sun during walks and hikes, I have been called french toast, brown sugar and bronzée on social media lately for my big change in skin tone. I don't mind though and this change was in spite of using sunblock regularly. All of my friends back home must be shaking their heads right about now, ready to spread sun block lotion SPF 100 (yes they exist) all over  their body like jam on a toast while under a huge umbrella for fear of the sun's rays causing a dent on their naturally or artificially light complexion.  Note to self, I need to buy myself a hat at least and this explains why I see "chappellerie" or hat shops at the town centre's market street.

Our walk begins here..

The trail starts at Lac de Tanchet and ends at Camping Yelloh Village. As you can see, it is about 6.8 km roughly about 1hr and 24 minutes walk. Please ignore the blue trail marked on the Google map. The one we did wouldn't load. From Lac de Tanchet, take D32A all the way to D32B and follow the map from there.

In fact, we did walk another 3.5 kilometers from home additionally to get to Lac de Tanchet.  
Les Sables d'Olonne in front of Lac de Tanchet
Lac de Tanchet
The pathway along the coast

" I'm a slow walker 
but I never walk back."
Abraham Lincoln

I made the mistake of wearing flip-flops. Though I have been trained well, born a tropical girl and walking throughout Dubai Mall in thongs. I didn't see it as a problem not until I reached Saint-Jean d'Orbestier where I felt blisters.  The coastal trail was stunning. It's slightly meandering with some slopes and bridges to cross, with the sea always at your side almost the entire way except for the last stretch along Bois de Saint-Jean and Cayola where you'll find a lot of big villas with gigantic lawns almost hidden behind big trees. The trail will give you a great time checking out and looking into lovely beach homes.

Bois Saint-Jean
Vendee Coast at Cayola
Vendee Coast
Rue du Porteau
This is the last stop. Camping Yelloh at Village Le Littoral is a 5 star luxury campsite, a high-end holiday resort with a great water park. They also have a heated swimming indoor pools and whirlpools along with high end cottages, restaurant, library, and shops. We relaxed by the terrace bar of La Terrasse for an apero with the family. 

La Terrasse Bar and Restaurant at Camping Yelloh Le Littoral
Camping Yelloh Le Littoral Water Park
Is it a trail that you might enjoy? 

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Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday!
Love & light,

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  1. it's really pretty, I imagine it's pretty at winter too. I've always wanted to spend winter at sea just writing and walking at the wintery beach :) We're used to over 40*C here too, but, thankfully, so far, this summer has been really mild which I like.

  2. It would be hard to walk all that way in flip-flops! It looks like a really pretty walk, though!

  3. The Vendee Coast is impressive!

  4. Hi Miss Arni :)
    First off, I would like to say thanks for visiting and leaving your footprints on my blog. It is much appreciated specially pag mga first time visitors na tulad mo hehe ^_^

    Wow, ang dami talagang magagandang places sa France.
    Hindi naman ganun sobrang umiinit sa France tuwing summertime nila diba?
    Ang sarap maglakad dun sa Cayola at Vendee Coast na hindi masyado pinoproblema ang inet ng panahon :)