3 Things I Like About Pinas This Week

Hope you're all having a great week. December entails wrapping presents, last minute shopping, traffic frenzy en route to your office Christmas Party, year end work load, travel plans looming ahead, vehicle tax increase, income tax reduction, ho ho ho 13th month pay, what a way to end 2017!  

As always, the year end brings a wave of nostalgia.  Before 2017 sneaks up on me, I'm going to post my favorite finds and insights about living in the Philippines this week.

1.  Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine and Hospitality at Abe's Farm

I caught up with my Dubai based friend, Monique who's due to give birth anytime soon. For long time readers of the blog, I have mentioned her in my past post here.

After meeting up at Marquee Place, she guided us to this quiet restaurant cocooned in nature. Although there are many Abe's Restaurants throughout Manila, visiting this bamboo and wooden cottage takes your senses to a higher level. Located along Magalang Road, Pampanga, the narrow road leads to hilly greens. A culinary delight indeed!

Crispy Pata
Paco Fern Salad with Tomatoes ,Salted Egg and light dressing
Sugpo sa Aligue
Authentic Kare-Kare
Abe's Farm Garden
A hotel room without TV, my kind of place
Don't you just want to lie down for siesta here after that meal?
We had Sinigang Bangus Belly sa Bayabas ( Milkfish belly in sour crushed guava broth),  Sugpo sa Aligue (Prawns in Crab Fat Sauce),  Paco Fern & Tomato Salad ( Young forest fern with Tomato Salad and light dressing),  Crispy Pata or Knockout Knuckles, Authentic Kare-kare (Beef Ox-Tail Peanut Stew)

They are open daily for lunch, snacks and dinner from 7:00AM to 8:00 PM. Do check out their spa and resort villas.

2.  Urban holiday vibe in Venice Grand Mall, McKinley, Taguig

Living most days in the year in the countryside, the city girl in me needed a weekend of urban treatment.  I have seen pictures of this mall on my news feed and I must say, being there was way better than the photos I have seen.  The loud decibels of family laughing together while taking pictures on the bridge, groups of friends enjoying a late dinner or an evening coffee al fresco, the night vibrantly lingered without a hint of ever slowing down.  The series of restaurants available in Bonifacio Global City, as we all know, is a grand explosion of variety.  Choosing a place to eat here is a feat.

3.  The Manila Girl in Me

I love where I live now,  but hometown is hometown.  There is no denying it, Manila will always be a part of me. Memories linger and even though it's chaotic, polluted, dangerous, crazy glitzy, name it, I appreciate Manila even more now that I live far far away.  My trip may not have been perfect due to some family drama, but enjoying the capital with my siblings, exploring what I have missed since my last visit was enough to make me feel right at home. 

How do you feel about bidding 2017 goodbye soon?
Is there something you discovered recently or find meaningful that makes living in the Philippines worthwhile? 

Love & light,

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