Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls

One of life's greatest blessings to me are dear friends. Friends whom I've met in different phases of my life by fate. Ones who have come to accept me for who I am, who are aware of my strengths and weaknesses and never judge me for them.   

I am drawn to these women. "Pretty and happy. Pretty and happy.." is a mantra chanted repeatedly after glasses of wine and cocktails.  They're beautiful and they know it. What I love most about them is their interesting ability to laugh at themselves. Their inner confidence shines through and through. Each of them faces difficulties one way or another. They handled them with grace and a positive attitude.  

How we met?
Majority of us met through an international  interiors, exhibition and events management company 6 to 7 years ago here in Dubai. At that time, we were working in different departments and were not really close, except for one, Monique whom I've closely worked with in Interiors.

Two years ago, we all decided to meet up at a sushi place. The friendship blossomed since and lately, we could hardly get enough of each other. 

The only complete group photo we have. L-R: Gail , Bambi, Carla, Princes, (Me), Monique, Tintin

Our personalities are as diverse as a spectrum in a rainbow. 
  • Creative and talented Gail is one of the coolest Moms I know. An excellent home maker and mutli-tasker who rises early, who's already done with her pilates class and have sent off the kids to school by the time I wake up in the morning. She always sees the positive side of things and her honesty and straight to the point observations are well appreciated by all of us. She has this funny way of impersonating each of us and a talent in changing her accents. 
  • Bambi is a great pianist and my french language practice buddy. She's Gail's original friend prior to meeting her. She always surprises us with her unexpected punch lines and excellent makeup skills.
  • Carla  is a woman of a few words, extremely athletic and into triathlons and Tintin's original friend before meeting her.
  • Princes is our workaholic friend that we rarely see, vivacious and funny.  She's great in the kitchen. She once prepared a seven-course dinner for us. 
  • Monique is a fashionable design manager of various large retail chains. We often call her, "Madam" as she struts around in her YSL and Louboutins.  Her commanding presence can immediately rattle any employee and we'd often tease her about it. Unknown to most of her staff is her big heart. Her devotion to friends is admirable. 
  • Tintin works in the airline industry and the one I spend a lot of time with the most during her free days, along with Gail. We became gym buddies recently so we got through all those push ups and sit ups. Her optimism, bubbly and light personality attract everyone including all animals in contact with her.They could sense it. Hence, her favorite expression, "Chill lang (just chill).." became an everyday phrase for all of us.
Like most friendships, we all have something in common. A fun loving side. We all try to make the most out of the moment. We never waste any time gossiping and if there's something that needs to be said, we directly convey it to the concerned. We love showing off that outrageous part of ourselves. We take the time to listen in the midst of a crisis. We'd dance shamelessly whenever we feel like it. We're like a bunch of kids together that our partners will usually let us be, while they shake their heads.

Not so serious
The only competition we have in the group are these:

Playing jack stone on the kitchen floor, pick up sticks, charades, poker etc.
To those who have been reading this blog for quite some time,  you might have met and heard about them in earlier posts. 

This is the Day 5 of Blog Everyday in May Challenge.

Have a great week everyone!
Love & light,

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  1. You have a great group of friends! You can see their confidence and inner beauty radiating out!

  2. What a great group of friends with such a range of interests and different personalities. Looks like you have lots of fun together. It's so important to make time to see friends.

  3. Wow! You have such a great circle of friends! I laughed out loud at the pic of everyone playing pick-up sticks, I have done that in years!

  4. Absolutely lovely and more importantly, y'all look so happy


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