I Love Chateaux # 4 : Chateau de Rochebrune

My fascination with castles has always intrigued my in-laws.  I think it must be annoying for them whenever I'd ask to stop for a detour as soon as I see a castle marker on the way indicating one nearby.    
They grew up seeing these historical edifices quietly scattered throughout the hills and valleys and have therefore labeled them-boring.  I'm certain, they're perplexed each time I get excited when I get a glimpse of one.   Eventually throughout the years, it became a habit for them to call my attention whenever they spot any type of chateau, big or small.

Park around the castle
During an 8-hour long drive back from Massif Central, we chanced upon a small town called Etagnac (350km from Paris), very close to the city of  Limoges (36km) known for expensive porcelain and crockery.  We had a picnic lunch of salad, baguette and  charcuterie on the grass outside the castle grounds.  

Bridge at Main Entrance

Chateau de Rochebrune is a fortified castle beautifully tucked away in a forest. It was constructed between 11th and 12th century with round towers at 4 corners surrounded by a moat.   Located in the Southwest France, in the department of Charentes, it has been the seat of the lords of Chabanais. It is open for visits between June to September. 

Left side of the Castle
Right side and rear view of the chateau
The interior of the castle houses furniture and artwork in Renaissance and Empire styles.   The grounds shown below, typically comes with stone-walled stables, barn, and staff housing with vegetable gardens.

Wondering what they're looking at?   I had to post this.  I was amused that they were more interested staring at 4  big frogs on the moat instead of the castle.


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