The Horse

I still remember when I said, "J'ai essayé de monter un chameau, un elephant, mais jamais un cheval." (I tried to ride a camel, an elephant but never a horse).   That sent my in-laws in loud guffaws. I was born in the Year of the Horse.  I even designed a glass etched horse partition but I've never been on one until recently.

His name is Apache.  I was nervous.  I've never handled one before, but I tried my utmost to show him who's the boss.  I'm relieved to find that he's gentle, but stubborn,  as he was a lazy horse that day.  He wouldn't move.  All he wanted was eat, so I would have to pull the reigns so often to keep him from munching on each grass and leaves we come across. With a bit of coaxing from our guide by initially pulling him, he managed to pace steadily. 

We traversed through the scenic Cantal mountains, ascending and descending atop the horses for three hours.  My affection for the horses began and if given the opportunity, I don't mind taking formal training in riding them.

How was your horse riding experience? 
Love & light,

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  1. What a beautiful horse! I like horses. I haven't ridden in a while, but I did send my kids to horse camp to learn how to ride and take care of them.

    1. That's a brilliant idea, Sherry to let your kids learn riding and taking care of horses. I think that's wonderful.