Gardening Project

It's such a sight to see in the morning!  With a coffee mug, in hand, I will tiptoe towards the patio for a peek of the flowers growing in the pot. They are the same specie as the flowers growing on the above right.  We planted them as well last year and now have started spreading and blooming.

I purchased a packet of Franchi Sementi seeds and planted them in this existing container that my husband used for growing tomatoes last year. With some healthy soil from IKEA, they started growing.  The hubs has his own area where he planted seeds of large and cherry tomatoes, haricot verts / green beans, raddishes, beetroot, onions and capsicum.  They're still very tiny at the moment.

The one on the right are supposed to be parsley also from Franchi Sementi seeds and the one on the left is my unsuccessful attempt at rosemary.  I'll definitely try again and will work on the plant box at the entrance. I'm thinking of planting Nano Violet Queen seeds or Alisso.

These little babies do cheer me up every morning.
What about you? What are you planting at the moment?

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