Arabic Weekend

A dear childhood friend came to Dubai for the weekend. A 3-day stopover  before heading back to England.  After a month travelling in Asia, Cheryl decided to take the last stop for a brief Arabic adventure.  It was her first time in Middle East.  She has been traveling the world since we were teenagers and has lived in countless number of countries.   I was so thrilled to see her!  It has been more than five years since. 

I've selected a few pictures of during her stay.  Here's her Dubai Itinerary:


1.  Visit to Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah, 
A five star hotel on the palm shaped man made island.

View of the sea from the Palm

2. Lunch at Mall of the Emirates 
Peek of the Ski Dubai

3.  Souvenir shopping at Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Catching a glimpse of Burj Al Arab

4.  A drive along Emirates Road with a view of Dubai Skyline

5.  Attending a local Arabic Wedding in the evening
A dear Emirati friend of mine got married last Thursday night.  After having lived here for 8 years,
It was my first time to attend one.  It was interesting for us to see all the beautiful local women 
and how a traditional wedding is like. 


1.  Friday Brunch
There are countless Friday brunch offers from various hotels.  
Eat and drink all you want from mid-day to evening

2.  A drive in the Desert
A trip to the Big Red, reddish sand dunes along Hatta Road.

Camel Ride
3. A trip to Dubai Mall
Dinner and a stroll in the gigantic mall.

4.  Catching a glimpse of the tallest tower in the world,  
Burj Khalifa

5.  Watched the majestic Dubai Fountain.

Chillout morning.  We're planning to have lunch to meet up her other friend in case she calls. 
Otherwise, we'll have a quiet lunch at home before heading to the airport.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I missed you all!

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