Thank goodness it's Thursday! How are you travel junkies?  I feel like one.  I'm in desperate need of a vacation.  Seriously.  Today, I'll vicariously re-live a foreign trip through these photos.  Allow me to take you to....Arequipa!  

17th September 2008
(Day 5)

"After a 10 hour bus ride from Nazca  to Arequipa via CIAL Bus Line, we arrived in Arequipa Bus Station around 10AM. We immediately booked tickets at the bus terminal heading for Puno.

I am blessed with the ability to sleep peacefully anywhere after 1 minute of closing my eyes, so yes, I was able to have a nice slumber in the bus. This kind of gift comes in handy on trips like these."

Arequipa is the second biggest city of Peru located in the southern region with streets filled with bankers, vendors, artists, students, nuns and tourists.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa
This lengthy cathedral spans the entire length of the plaza.  The main square is surrounded by arches made of ashlar. 
Getting ready for the bustling nightlife.
We found it more charming than Lima, with its irresistable cafes, stylish restaurants and buzzing nightlife. It's the perfect place to satisfy ones palate of spicy food and huge variety of cuisine. We had tasty salteňas and empanada for lunch and a Doner Kebab in the evening.

Fountain at Plaza de Armas
Playing with the pigeons at Plaza de Armas
 We missed viewing the monastery interior.  We were late and they stopped admitting visitors. It's a must-see.  The interior is breathtakingly beautiful and highly ideal for lots of memorable snapshots.

Monasterio de Sta. Catalina-  Trying to get tickets before it closes.
 I can't help taking a snapshot of this melancholic looking church.  There were families gathered together under the trees enjoying the afternoon.

Iglesia de San Francisco
We discovered this quaint street revealing interesting courtyards and restaurants.  What I like about Peru's overall colonial architecture are the courtyards.  They always have something special hidden behind those stone walls. 

Imagine how lively it gets at night time.  All those bars and restaurants!  Lovely!  We explored the city by foot, but be aware that there are also  forbidden dangerous (off limits) areas.  Check with your local hotel/hostel which districts to avoid.

We settled here for a day, preparing for an adventure in the Colca Canyons the next day, and allowing our bodies to acclimatize before venturing on higher altitudes. Hope you have enjoyed Arequipa.

Happy Thursday!

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