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Wow, that has been a while.  Do you sometimes experience some weird occurrences breaking into a pattern?  Everytime I start an exercise plan, something always happen to me afterwards.  Either I'd sprain an ankle or get really really sick, or suddenly get assigned to a business trip that would prevent me from sticking to it.  Anyway, maybe it's just a mindset I need to reset.   

I seriously asked my doctor when I fell terribly ill last Monday if it was my first run that led me to a really high fever but it wasn't. While I was in bed terribly sick, I'd stare up at the ceiling and think, "Oh, the blog.."   I kept myself completely away from the internet and strictly followed doc's orders after he prescribed a complete bed rest for several days.  In a nutshell,  I'm still recovering and waiting for hopefully some positive news on the results.  For now, I'm keeping the run on hold until I get back to normal. 

I want to share with you inspiring travel images.

  Weekend is fast approaching. Planning a road trip?   
A weekend at a bed and breakfast?  Ooh a spa retreat..
Have a fabulous day prepping for the weekend!                         

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