Nazca Lines

Have you heard of the Nazca Lines? 

Honestly, prior to our trip to South America, the only thing I knew about Peru was Lima and Machu Picchu. Perhaps, I was absent the day Nazca was discussed in school. Seriously, I've always imagined Peru to be a green country since part of the Amazon Jungle was there and I've only seen photos of the Andes Mountains in books. So I was completely surprised that it was mostly dry coastal mountains stretching through flat desert land. 

Going back to the question: Lots of tourist invade this small town of Nazca because of the world famous Nazca Lines that are still considered an unsolved mystery up until today.  Here is an excerpt from my journal:

- 15th September 2008 Journey From Lima to Nazca
  (Day 3) 

"We took the Flores Bus in Lima departing at 11:30AM for an 8 hour journey after a torturous walk along the city's impoverished streets with 20kg luggage on our backs for several kilometers. The pungent smell in the bus drove me crazy. The trip was horrific that it drove me to depression. The dead scenery before me was something out of a "Hills Have Eyes" movie. I asked myself why I was here and wished that the trip would be better.  During our bus stopover, I cried for no reason.  I just felt terribly sad."  

Pan American Highway
Dinner at La Kanada - this cheered me up
Local Trujillo beer and lomo grills for dinner.

16th September 2008 - Day Trip in Nazca
(Day 4)

"We immediately found and stayed in Hotel Allegria. We took advantage of the freezing swimming pool in the hotel at 5:30AM. We checked out buses leaving for Arequipa and purchased tickets before our day trip. A kind hearted cab driver who was eager to show us around became our designated tour guide.  We intended to stay in Nazca only for one day and leave at night time to get further down so we could cross the border of Bolivia."

Swimming at 5:30 AM - Hotel Allegria - Brrr...
Hotel's courtyard
So far, this is the most beautiful hostel we stayed in during our trip in South America.

We began our exploration by visiting the plaza and a big breakfast!  

Plaza de Mayor
Tamales and Coffee
When there's food, I'm a happy girl.
 I'm already thinking of having an omelette after this.

Bottom of the Mirador, a tower view deck to see the famous lines
Series of shapes, extensive lines and figures etched across the desert best seen by plane. This is the view from the Mirador
Voila, the Nazca Lines
Tourist buses
 The best way to see the figures is by taking the plane. We didn't because we were saving our money for another place
Welcome to Nazca Archeological Site
About to trek up the hill.
As I was trekking along to go up the hill, I fell and sprained my ankle.  I stayed at the bottom to get it rested and climbed later once I felt better.

Clumsy as always!
An Explorer by heart
Amazing view from up there!  
 We went back to the hotel in the afternoon for lunch.  We spent this free time to work on the electrical layout of our first house plan before its construction.

Dad and me during our dinner before departure to Arequipa
Caught sleeping in the bus station while waiting for the bus.  Those eye covers come really handy!  Forget fashion here.  Comfort, comfort in a rough backpacking trip on a budget.
Sleepy head
The further we explored Peru, the more interesting it got and the happier I felt.  There was a lot of movement that I wasn't used to with a backpack on my back. It was completely different from my first backpacking experience in New Zealand.  This one is the real deal. I can't complain.  I was happy and blessed to have done it.  I don't mind doing it again.

A pleasant week to you all!

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