My First Run

How's your weekend going?  I will continue with posts of the Peruvian trip soon.  In the meanwhile, I'm going to start blogging about a new workout I'm committing to, mainly for fitness.  I intend to lose some weight in the process and feel more healthy and good about myself.

The first reason that got me to start running was to spend time with my husband.  He's very active and athletic and I'm more of an indoor artsy person who would usually be buried in a book or painting.

Anyway, when I was very stressed out and depressed at one point, we started running together and I enjoyed the feeling of freedom, silence, a moment of tranquility where I forget to think about my problems and start focusing on running.  Now I start to understand why Forrest Gump just ran. :)

He suggested Jiwok. It's a personal trainer/coach on your Mp3 played tailored to your goal whether training to  run a marathon, enjoying running or losing weight available in various levels.   Living a sedentary lifestyle, I took  light 10-week sessions that allow me to run twice a week following a healthy Jiwok recommended diet.  

Today, I started running alone wearing my funny shoes.  I'm doing this for myself and I felt it's also my moment with God.  I can meditate while running, focusing on every breath, a clear mind, feeling his company, listening to the music on Mp3.

It was 2 minutes running and 2 minutes brisk walking alternating into series of rounds.  There are different music to choose from and you can upload your playlist using a special program.  My personal choice was Pop Rock.  The last few sets were tough and I was almost dragging myself to finish.  I seriously need to pursue this and start taking care of myself.  It takes discipline in the next two months. 

It's also a part of my do's list goal this year, to walk more often. 
Now we're running :)..Run fellow gourmands, run!

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