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When we travel, we end up taking something back with us.  Eventually it becomes a habit and later we realize we have turned a mere souvenir shopping into a gigantic collection.  Are you curious to find out what type of compulsion you have of purchasing during your trips?  Here goes:

1.  The Postcard Sender
These are the ones who enjoy buying postcards in the souvenir shops to send to family and friends back home via the reliable postal service sealed with a good old stamp.  Thoughtful and sentimental.  Some would even buy extra postcards for their own scrapbook collection.

                                                                                   Source: via Christine on Pinterest

2.  The Ref Magneto
Practical.  The one who doesn't want to carry a lot of souvenirs in the luggage as it can be easily squeezed inside small pockets of the backpack.  They enjoy seeing the places they've been to every morning, before getting the milk carton from the fridge.  I should know..I'm guilty of this compulsion.   As a proof, here's my ref..

3.  The T-Shirt Collector
They buy the shirt, from every city or every country and they like showing the world that they've been there, done that.

4.  The Shot Glass Junkie
Wouldn't it be cool to enjoy a shot of tequila in a Parisian shot glass while your friends are enjoying their Jager in glasses from Austria and Germany?

5.  Patchwork Buddy
They enjoy buying patches of the country's emblem or flag for sewing on the backpacks or jackets. Unique individuals.  Similar to T-shirt Collectors, they'd like to show they've conquered the world, slightly discreetly.

                                                                              Source: via Francis on Pinterest

6.  The Keychain Fella
Similar to the ref magnetos, they collect keychains and sometimes purchase them for friends and family as presents.

7.  The Match Taker
They collect matches from pubs, restaurants, hotels of the cities they visit.  

8.  Souvenir Diva
No one can beat them.  They  purchase big vases, carpets, anything they fancy that would remind them of their vacations. Forget over baggage.  They would get logistic companies to fill up crates if they have to. They decorate their abode with these purchased pieces and enjoy displaying them at home.

We can even be combinations of each.  I'm definitely a ref magneto and a little bit of a shot glass junkie.  Which type are you?  

Have a fun Sunday!

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