Guest Post: Happiness by Vanisha

I am happy to have Vanisha here today. Her blog has always been a source of inspiration, written by a woman of substance and style,  who appreciates happiness in the simplest of things.  

Vanisha is the author of travel and lifestyle blog Vanisha's Life in...Australia.Originally from Fiji, she and her husband now spend their time traveling between their homes in Australia and New Zealand and making plans for the home they're building on a small island in Fiji!   So imagine my joy when she agreed to share what makes her happy...

The things that touch my heart and give me the utmost joy are the simple things, the little things.

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As much as I love the look of messy sheets, nothing brings me more happiness than crawling into a freshly made bed. 

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There's something very romantic and calming about soft light. I light candles as soon as I get home, even if it's still light outside. I also have fairy lights all over the house. As it gets dark outside, the soft light throughout the house makes my heart smile. 

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I pick up fresh flowers on Sundays, from the markets if I can. Just having a bunch of flowers, divided up, in simple vases around the house makes me smile.  

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Hot showers might seem like an odd thing to add to a list of things that make you happy. My work often means that I'm out researching people in areas that aren't very developed. In many places in Fiji hot water is a luxury. I love my hot showers, even when it's hot outside, I need a hot shower. After having endless cold showers when I was out in the field, being able to turn on the shower and have beautiful hot water is something that I no longer take for granted!   

These are just little snippets of my life and my everyday, that make me ever so happy!
Much love,

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  1. Love love everything, specially that hot shower, I never though about how important is to have one sometimes, but is the bes after a hard day.

  2. Love love everything, specially that hot shower, I never though about how important is to have one sometimes, but is the best after a hard day.
    I haven't been in her blog before but I will have a look.

  3. Love everything listed here! I insist on making my bed every morning even when I'm running desperately late. Hot showers are my favourite thing too. Neutralises all the positve ions!

  4. I need to be in that hot shower ASAP!!!!! Lol! Great post V!



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