Do you have a happy place?  Scenes and settings in your memory that bring out a smile in you.  I have several but right about now, this one stands out the most.

This is a jogging path I used to visit every morning for a quick run. The sight of it already makes me want to put on my running shoes and feel the cold wind on my face.  The cows curiously turn their heads as I pass under the canopy of twigs and branches.  I stifle a painful moan as I try to avoid the gravel piercing my Five Fingers.   The sensation is the only thing that keeps my thoughts grounded and connected to the present. With or without company,  a walk in the countryside whatever the season is, is always a delightful gift to the self.   

Where is your happy place?
What is it like?

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I'd like to thank Sherry of Mama Diaries for giving me a Top Commentor Award
I enjoy reading her engaging stories about family that makes me look forward to the joys of motherhood with lots of funny moments.

It has always been a pleasure to read your blogs daily and be able to leave a message that it has become
an integral part of my day. In so doing, I'd like to pass on this award to all of you
who have been visiting my page and leaving kinds words.

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In a few days, I'll be leaving  and my posts will be erratic.
I will be traveling home for a very long vacation and will be back in Dubai after the New Year.
 I will continue to visit blogs whenever possible.
In the meanwhile, to keep you company, we have some guest posts here from
favorite bloggers that will be featured  from time to time.

Have a great day!

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  1. I do love a walk in the country. The air is much fresher and I love that there are less crowds, less noise.

  2. I love beaches. Arm with a good book or companion. I would find a nice spot and stare out at the ocean and blue sky. Possibly day dream away.

    Have a great holiday and break! Look forward to seeing you back in the new year :)

  3. That does look like a happy place! My happy place is a beach in Cozumel where there is a hammock under a palm tree. I like to park myself there and listen to the sound of the ocean.

    Thanks for the nice comments about my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy reading it. I enjoy reading both of your blogs, too!

  4. The photos look beautiful and I can imagine that you can find both happiness and peace there!
    I guess that my happy place is my hometown. It may not be the most beautiful city in the world, maybe not extremely popular but I grew up there and I lived there until I was 18, so whenever I'm back in town I reminisce lots of happy moments with my best friends from school :)

    Have a wonderful vacation, Arni!
    xo Irene

  5. What a gorgeous path! It makes me want to take off on a run too!!! If only I could somehow transport that magic to Moscow...

    Safe travels! We'll miss you :)

  6. Lovely photos! I was just thinking of how different my running route is compared to this – right through the middle of central London! Cars, tourists, buses, dark streets and noise! Thanks so much for the mention and your kind words! Safe travels! x

  7. This brought back so many memories of my childhood spent in the country side! I smile to myself as I recall what a city girl I was and how skirmish I was about so many things but the time spent in the country are some of my fondest memories of my childhood. A place that I was truly happy in :)


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