Passing Through

We chanced upon this beautiful and quiet village on our way to Salers.  Much as my father in-law and husband wanted to drive on, my instinct asked me to stop.  It was the happy tourists in the open dining area of this restaurant that pulled me to peek and walk around.  A good stretch after a long drive and the possibility to inhale its charm were equally rewarding.

You know what, I don't know the name of this village and I spent a long time looking it up but couldn't find it online. Whatever this name-less town is called,  no doubt, tourists passing through will suddenly heed their desire  for a short break here. 

Don't we all feel this way  sometimes,  like passing through-- events in our lives connecting us to our next fateful destination?  If we don't pay enough attention, the significance and presence of something temporary but beautiful will go unnoticed.  I'm glad we stopped.  


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  1. What a lovely place! I would've asked to stop, too!

  2. Looks amazing! So glad you stopped there!

  3. I couldn't think of a more perfect place to stretch your legs and take it all in! x

  4. It's good that you stopped. Sometimes it's the little things and decisions that make a trip more meaningful and exciting. I love impromptu stops.

  5. I love the place, is really romantic and cozy, I understand you stop is like Serendipity when you end up in a beautiful place like this one.

  6. That's such an utterly cute village - I'm glad you stopped as well!

  7. How magical! I would love to wonder its streets and spend a weekend. Drinking in the cafe while reading. So relaxing and perfect! You are so lucky doll!



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