Our Nomadic Life Begins

Yesterday was a packing madness. It started out as a week of blissfully packing boxes. The babysitter backed out who was supposed to look after my baby for the week. Multi tasking with a roaming toddler who is eager to play with cords and cables elevated my stress levels and I lagged behind schedule. I am glad we found one to fill in to look after her for a few hours during the day of loading the shipment to the container while I deliver items to a friend's house who offered to keep some of our stuff temporarily.

When all was packed. The container truck loaded and locked. The house empty and our vehicle filled to the brim, I couldn't help crying as I hugged Arlene goodbye, our once a week help who became a friend and who is definitely a God send. She was there when my husband was taken away. Her presence gave me a sense of normalcy even for just 4 hours a week when my life several months ago was crumbling.  I still have tears in my eyes typing this.

Services have been disconnected. Rooms are empty, our voices echoed. As I waved goodbye to the house this morning after we handed over the keys, I couldn't help myself from feeling nostalgic. This house witnessed a big part of our lives, joys and tears, triumphs and lows, and the gift of my baby daughter.

Our nomadic life begins. For the first time I called the hotel we are staying in "home".  All we have for the next several months is a luggage- one for each of us and our faith, that we are on the right track.   

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Update:  What happened a year later?
The shipment arrived safely.  A learning curve for us, we should have had the entire storage space pest and termite controlled to avoid Termite Attack.

Love and light,

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  1. leaving a life behind to start a new one! Such thrill! Such adventure!

  2. Best of lucks for this new phase in your life! Hopefully everything will go fine and you'll have plenty of happy moments with your family during this nomadic adventure and beyond!

  3. Packing things is indeed stressful, I had a hard time doing that when I was move out from our house to live solo in Makati. I'm sure my experience was nothing compared to yours though. I wish you good luck in your next adventure sis.

  4. Good luck for the next stage of your new adventure! I can imagine how emotional these last few days have been for you.

  5. best wishes to you~~ good luck on the next chapter of your life!

  6. Oooo on to the next adventure! Can't wait to hear what's next in your lives

  7. Wow, so overwhelming, but exciting. Sending happy thoughts your way!


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