Flowers in the Desert

Flowers in the desert? Who would have thought such blooms exist in the Middle East? Well, when Dubai does it, expect it big! Always in a grand scale. More than 45 million flowers with 45 different varieties of blooms.

Dubai Miracle Garden has been there for a few years and we even lived very close to it, but never even once visited until recently. What I saw blew me away and my 10 month old daughter enjoyed the bursts of color.

9AM - 9PM weekdays
9AM- 11PM weekends (Friday and Saturday)

AED 30 - Regular admission
Free - Children below 3 years old and Specially Abled

This garden has a Guinness Book of Records for having the longest wall of flowers. The landscape design changes season after season. They have also re-used objects even abandoned cars in their design. 

Iconic landmarks and flags with flower power

Oh! Yesterday was our 9th year wedding anniversary and we both forgot. :) 

We drove along Jumeirah Beach Road and re-visited the place where he proposed. It was so sad to see Jumeirah Beach Park demolished!  (He proposed inside Chilli's across the park. Yes, Chilli's after finishing the fajitas :)).  

Seeing it being transformed to a massive canal made me realize, yep, it's time to move on.  Change is good.

Care for an overdose of flowers this weekend? 
Love & light,

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  1. What stunning gardens! So much colour & so well designed :)

  2. Those are beautiful. I loved the ones in the car.

  3. Your kid is already so big, it seems like yesterday that gave birth to her

  4. This garden has been on my list for a while but whenver we visit Dubai we seem to run out of time or it has seemed to hot to wander around. Your photos have made me realise that it's even more impressive than I had imagined.

  5. Happy Anniversary! That place is gorgeous. Being around all those beautiful flowers had to make you feel happy!

  6. Flowers here there and everywhere! I'd probably enjoy snapping photos if I were there too. It's just so beautiful.Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

    By the way Arni, I am writing a piece in my blog about traveling and I just want to know if it's okay that I ask for your input, please email me at so I can explain further. Hope to hear from you :) Thanks!

  7. Wow, what a cool and sweet place and the perfect daytime activity! I've always loved gardens but have far too few where I live, would love to visit this place. :)

  8. This seriously looks like the funnest outing ever! I love the photos of your cute family amongst all those beautiful flowers. <3

  9. This is breathtakingly gorgeous Arni