Travel Recap: Brussels

Throwback Thursday. I won't say much today. Here's a collection of images from a summer road trip in  Belgium with a stop over in Brussels.  The sky was a bit grey during our visit, but it didn't stop the large groups of tourists from exploring the beautiful square.

Grand Place-Grote Markt
Mont des Arts Kuntsberg 
Mont des Arts Kuntsberg Square
Rue Mont d.I. Cour Hofberg
The Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule
Mont des Arts Kuntsberg
Galeries Saint-Hubert
The Royal Palace of Brussels
Mannekin Pis

History has it that Brussels was under siege by foreigners in the 14th Century and the attackers had planned to destroy the city walls with explosives. A little boy named Juliaanske from Brussels happened to see it. He urinated on the burning fuse and saved the city. On some occasions the statue is dressed in a costume.

 Fancy a Belgian beer break?
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  1. Brussels is totally on my to-hit travel list. Maybe even later this year?