Up in the Desert Air

Would you be interested to see the desert on an aerial view?  While I usually take an afternoon coffee in the desert , lying down on my small mat, reading a book or daydreaming, the Hubby seizes the view on top.  I wish I could glide the air like he does.
 Watch his flight here.

He learned paragliding in 2010 and spent that Christmas up in the air.  Since then, he has been following the wind finder and spends some weekends during the cold season down here at the red sand dunes of Jebel Al Fayaá in the UAE, on the outskirts of Dubai flying.   I'm usually the driver, in charge of picking him up where he lands.

Do you think you might be interested in paragliding?  What other air sports interest you?
Have a great weekend!


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  1. Wow. This is amazing! I want to try paragliding. That and skydiving. I also need to visit the UAE. It's so beautiful.

    ps: I tried a few times to comment but wasn't working before, so I may have unintentionally spam your comment page..oops.

    1. Ha,you can do both. There is a skydive here that allows you to jump over Palm Jumeirah. No worries, the vid is making the post load up slow.

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