A Scenic Drive to the Mountains

I would like to post this particular image.  We were on a road trip a few months ago and I just had to take a picture of this landscape.  I was fascinated by how green the trees were.  It was decided -this is something I had to take with me to the desert. A mental image of this.  If it were only possible to trap some air from this place in a jar, that I could take with me for  a whiff every time I miss the greens, I would do so.

Volcanoes surround this mountainous region beneath the magnificent terrain.  Do check out a post, on Maison du Fromage (House of Cheese), a site we visited during this scenic drive. 

Do you like road trips?
Which one was your most memorable trip?
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love road trips! A few days ago I went to Tuscany by car and the trip was really really Fantastic!!! One of the best in my life.

    I am a new follower you because I like your blog, and if you want visit and follow me too...
    My last post is for that Italian trip and tomorrow I will publish other one...

    Lot of love

  2. Hello Marti, thanks for visiting. Oh, Tuscany and by car- sounds heavenly!


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