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When I don't have access to canvas, I paint on my face.  Though nowadays, when I discovered the BB Cream, thanks to Elle Sees,  I use less liquid foundation and more oil-free moisturizer with SPF 20.  Check out her blog for many beauty tips.   Today's post is mostly my travel essentials for a leisurely trip.  I' m starting to narrow down what I have to pack for an upcoming trip.  Much as I would like to carry everything in my organized makeup tray,  I always travel light, so I'd have to break it down to essentials. 

1. Chanel Nail Color 475 Dragon  -  I like this red shade and that it's quick dry. If it's not more than a two-week trip, I get a Shellac mani pedi before, so that I don't need to take any of it with me.  UV Gel nail color or Shellac lasts a lot longer. The drawback is, you'll have to get the equipment to have them removed so it's not ideal for a trip longer than two weeks.

2. Make up For Ever Aqua Black Gel Waterproof Creme Eye shadow -Dual purpose. You can smudge it for an immediate smokey eye or with an eye liner brush, I use it as an eye liner.  This pigment can be great in defining the eyes.  It's better with mascara but if I'm in a hurry, I usually can get away with a well defined eyeliner alone. 

3. My favorite perfume for the last few years (This was a gift from a dear friend),  Chance Chanel,  I'm going to replace it with Chance Eau Fraîche once I finish this bottle - I love this new scent too.

4.  Sephora Silk Brush Bronzer Duo - Sunset Dance, It 's a blush and bronzer combined.

5.   Sephora Cocoa Powder Eye Shadow -  With an eyebrow brush, I use it for defining the brows.  I wasn't gifted with perfect eyebrows so I can create an illusion using this wonderful shade.

6. Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural N 9 -  I got this as a sampler first  and like it very much, when I ordered a large smokey eye pallet from Sephora U.S. online. I had to look for this exact shade here through 3 different Sephora shops and found the last piece.  With a lip brush, I was able to enjoy this shade which complemented my skin tone well.

7. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 40 La Sensuelle  - I always bring a red lipstick for those spontaneous invites to a party or a special night out during a trip.

8.  MAC Cosmetics Studio Sheer Loose Powder NC 30  translucent and feather weight for a flawless finish.

9.  Chanel Powder Blush Joues Contraste 99 Rose Petale  is my favorite blush color.  So much that it's almost empty.  This is my first Chanel bought product and I started buying more Chanel cosmetics after that.

10. MAC Cosmetics Studio NC 30 Concealer - great eye coverage for concealing dark circles after a late night.

11. MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC 30 SPF 15  Liquid foundation  for a perfect finish.

12. Chanel Les 4 Ombres 27 Golden Eyes - A gift I received from a friend.  I love the natural look it brings and I like the glamour a golden eye shadow brings for an unplanned night out.

13. Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Mahogany 10-  my eyebrow definer shade when I'm wearing my eyeglasses.

More stuff in my bag..

If I can't squeeze any more stuff in the limited luggage space, then I consider these my bare minimum.  These items are the ones I'll never survive without during a trip.  I'm curious what's in your travel beauty bag?

It's Friday and time to let loose!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think you'll be appalled by what's in my travel beauty bag! It depends on where I'm going obviously, but for most trips I have night time moisturiser for my face which I love, and one for the day, and face wash - and then sunscreen!

    And that's it!

  2. Elle always has great suggestions!

  3. The Chanel palette is gorgeous. I'm really quite crappy with makeup so any suggestions I can get are great. I typically just bring an eye liner and lip gloss - that's it!

  4. I'm a Chanel girl too! But since I emptied out almost my entire collection my travel kit now includes more skin care and no make up (gasp - I know. I'll probably look terrible getting off the plane!) I use the Aesop and L'occitane range and have their products on hand when I travel :)

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  6. That's a nice and useful post, Arni!
    I love beauty products and for that reason I'm not very faithful to any particular brand as there's so much to try out there. And I am so happy that now most brands are realising minis which are great for travelling.
    I have Chanel Chance as well and I love the smell, it's so soft and fresh! And I also have a similar colour nail polish. I don't bring that many products with me when I travel, but for the plane hand cream and lip balm are a must!


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