Isla del Sol

The island more popularly called "Isla del Sol" (Island of the Sun) is located right at the heart of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.  Aboard the boat at 8:20AM in Copacabana. we left the town central without breakfast.
I had the heaviest tantrums I've ever had in my life here as my husband refused to buy breakfast or packed lunch to bring with us during the trek.  I was hoping for a picnic because it's such an ideal site for an outdoor lunch overlooking the lake.


You know what they say, never leave a gourmande wife hungry or it's another world war.  Imagine someone who was raised eating 6 bite-sized meals a day.  Unfortunately, I'm one of those who get grouchy when the stomach growls. I don't think I could ever join Survivor.  I would definitely be kicked out on the first day. :)  To his defense, he was being practical.  He didn't want to exchange more currency and had enough bolivianos for us to last two meals (small brunch snack and dinner).   We were crossing the border back to Peru that evening.  But you know what, I was really hungry and in such a foul mood.  

This was the sulking spot. That girl in blue shirt sitting by the rocks was me holding a banana.
Oh well, despite my intense hunger  and after throwing a fit on top of these mountains for the first quarter of the hike, I survived the 8 kilometer- island trek with 2 bananas and a pack of chips. The walk did us good and by the end of the trail, I was happy and joking around.  My regret during this trip was that much as I enjoyed the breathtaking scenery, I didn't appreciate it as much back then as I do now looking at the pictures, because I was too angry and famished.  Nevertheless, I would say this was one 'memorable' trip to the Island. 

 Lesson learned, don't let the stomach and taste buds rule. 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. That island looks and amazing place to go despite the hungry the trips looks worth it.
    I also become really grumpy when I'm hungry hahaha.
    Kisses, loved this post you have a new follower around.

    1. Thanks Miss Laia, haha, grumpy when hungry- I like that. I'm enjoying reading your blog.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sherry, I would love to go back there again.

  3. Alpacas is one of my fave animals. So cute.
    I understand that whole grouchiness thing. I think it was also one of the reasons why I didn't enjoy Buenos Aires as much as I should have because my travel buddy wasn't keen on trying new food so we kept having similar type of food throughout my stay there.

    1. I so agree..they're so cute. I feel bad though for trying alpaca steak. :S But you did try the Argentine barbecue at least right?


    I really really want to go somewhere remote and unspoilt like this.



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