A Work in Progress

Greetings everyone!  Gone were the days when we had this type of telephone. Just imagine if we were to have large wooden cellphones. How would that be like?

The above photo doesn't have any relevance with today's challenge but that's how I am, I always fly off at a tangent. :)

{Friday challenge Day 23: Your Top 3 Worst Traits}

1) Very transparent and very emotional
I can't hide it nor fake it. My feelings are always written on my face. It's both good and bad, but my judgement gets clouded when I'm feeling emotional. Like when I cried and vowed to leave the island, about to give up, when I almost got scammed the second time around.  I usually have to sleep it off and step away from it all to get a better perspective. I'm still learning.

2) Perfectionism
I always expect things to be perfect, to happen effortlessly and flawlessly and I get easily disappointed when they don't turn out the way I want them to be. Then I turn emotional. I also have high expectations in everything. It's not good, because I tend to focus on what's wrong instead of appreciating what's good and right. Still a work in progress.

3) Indecisive, most of the time
I am an ISFP (Introverted Feeling with Extroverted Sensing). My mantra is, "The best decision is the one that you can easily change." I agree, it could be an annoying trait. I feel anxious about making decisions. I think one of my additional fears is making a big mistake, so I tend to review everything from top to bottom and double check.  I usually need sufficient facts and reliable sources to support my decision before taking the plunge. 

 What's your personality type?
What are your worst traits?
Check out other's worst traits here.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. My husband is also very indecisive. It sometimes makes me completely batty, but I know it is a process for him. I also strive for perfectionism. And sometimes, being emotionally transparent is not always a bad thing. :)

  2. I tend to be very emotional, too. But that trait does help you empathize with others. Being a perfectionist can also be a good thing - you produce quality work. Sometimes what we perceive as our weaknesses can be turned into our strengths.

  3. Are you a Virgo? becaufe after reading this I think we are really similar...
    Transparent, emotional, indecisive and perfectionist but I'am also very positive and I always try to see the good side of everything even with people but of course I fail sometimes.
    Have an amazing weekend Arny!!!

    1. Hi Laia, not really, my birth sign is Cancer.

  4. I'm so transparent and emotional too! And I'm very indecisive. Once I was shopping for a blouse and I was able to narrow down my options to two. Same style, color and print but just different size. One was small and the other was medium. I was in the dressing room for an hour, just trying to decide which one to get!


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