Watching sunset at La Sirenetta in Coron, Palawan, Philippines this afternoon
I'd love to share with you  everyday adventures and the details acquired during my land hunting here on this island. I will, but for now until everything is 100% closed and sealed, I'll keep  mum about it. 

What I can share with you though is the lesson I've learned in this trip. 

My venture here taught me many things; patience, humility, openness, understanding and the amazing power of synchronicity. As I faced many types of people, some opportunists, some who are genuinely honest, some who look after their own welfare and some that just bring out the best in me, taught me that trusting in one's instinct and gut feeling or some might call inner voice, goes a  long way coupled with logical reasoning.  That quiet voice will keep us safe. 

When we want something so bad, not just for our own benefit but in consideration of others in dealing fairly and honestly, situations and events fall into place, gracefully.  As though a greater power is perfectly orchestrating everything,  revealing information and tools at the precise time, that helps us get to the next destination, one step at a time. 

It amazes me how a casual conversation with a stranger I just met, by chance, provided me with information that solved an obstacle that I was facing.  How the people we met at the right place and at the right time, led me to a decision vital to the next step.  How souls offered answers to questions I had in mind before I even had to ask them.

As I watched the sunset, I was amazed by it all and I again learned many new things.

While I'm away, the following bloggers made my days sweeter. Speaking of serendipity (this word reminds me of City-aholic's post), sometimes, we read passages from fellow bloggers' posts that bring understanding to what we're going through, clarity, inspiration, amusement and sometimes meaning.

{Day 19:  Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them}

I wish the list were longer so I could include blogs on my Daily Reads and new blogs I'm currently following. Ok, I'll stick to the rules:
She's a professional musician (viola, violin and piano) and children's book author of That Baby Woke Me Up Again and That Mama is a Grouch. A smile and chuckle is guaranteed every time I visit her blog. Her refreshing stories about her family and funny pets  during her day to day make me look forward to the joys of motherhood.
Her daily inspiring posts always radiate with happiness. She's based in New York City. Even though she's at the other side of the world, her positive energy and the way she sees life  reach out to whoever reads her blogs from the (big) computer screen.  Say hello and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Stephanie is a talented American pianist and vocal coach. She's spending a year to live in Moscow, to play at the Bolshoi while studying the Russian language. Her relationship with Russia and her daily adventures living there are so enthralling to read.  Being a fan of classical music, I'm drawn to her passion for music and dedication in her craft. I look forward to watching her perform one day. 
Sometimes we meet someone with a striking familiarity and a bizarre parallelism to our own journey. That's how I feel about Meghan. I love her sense of style and taste, so much that I think her posts fill up my Pinterest style board from interiors to fashion. It's a wonderful source of inspiration filled with beautiful photographs. A perfect place to start the day with, especially if in need of a dose of beauty and calm.
When I miss Europe, visiting Irene's blog is a great treat! (Through her blog, I get to see sites while saving air fare-lol) Her wanderlust takes her to beautiful spots in and around her current place, Maastricht, Netherlands. She goes out and about visiting neighboring cities and countries. I learn a lot with every visit. Check out her  365 Project

More favorite bloggers here

Do you believe in serendipity and synchronicity?
Hope you're having a great weekend!
Have a lovely Sunday!
Love & light,

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  1. Thanks for including me in your list, Arni. I feel really honoured, as I love your blog and somehow look up to it as a blogger myself :)

    I think I do believe in Serendipity. One of my favourite films is Lost in Translation, I love the simplicity of the story about these two different characters who coincide in Tokyo and share some sleepless nights together. Some people don't get it and think it's a meaningless film, so whenever I'm asked why I like it, I always say: because it's a simple yet beautiful movie about life, about the finite encounters with a random someone which will change our life.

    Have a wonderful week!
    xoxo Irene

  2. I have just met Irene and Meghan but I'll stop by for the rest of your list.

    Many thanks for thinking about my post.
    Is true that sometimes life is wise, know how to and just puts in front of you a person that just looks like you have met in a previous life, and that will be a kind of answer to solve some problems.
    I hope you had a great time and this travel will help to get to know yourself a bit better.
    Loved the picture.

  3. so peaceful! hope everything works well!

  4. You have no idea how much your posts are inspiring and make sense of confusing things on my end! Thanks for the shout out! <3!

  5. Such a great post. That sunset photo gave me chills!

  6. That was a great view from La Sirenetta Resto


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