To Trust in Uncertainty

Day 7: The Thing I'm Most Afraid Of :   To Trust in Uncertainty

The uncertainty of going back, settling in my birth country, being away from the one I love and losing a loved one.  These scare me the most.

I'm flying tonight, on my way back to the Philippines. This time, I'm on my own for one month. It saddens me to be away from my husband. Being apart is not foreign to us, but I know I will miss him a lot, even more this time around. Last year, I was even away for a longer period. The solace of knowing that the purpose of this trip is for our future brings me comfort.

I will go back to another island in Palawan to find land and obtain more information that I could use in preparing a move there. I have never set up nor run a business before so this is also scary for me. 

Gauging the past events, it seems, there's a pull for me to return. After, my search of home and letting go , I have a strong feeling, I need to go back and prove all these false thoughts I have back there wrong. Only then, I think can I move forward. 

So here I am about to dive into the fear. Wish me luck.
What scares you most?

Love & light,

{I hope to share our future project planning here in the blog and even if I'm in another country, I'll still be connected and will continue the Blog Everyday in May Challenge.}

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  1. Good luck with everything! I hate being away from my husband and doggy for long periods of time! Even when I'm away for a short business trip!

  2. You are definitely brave and I wish you so much luck! This sounds scary, but exciting and ultimately rewarding. I am glad we can follow your adventure!

  3. Found you via SOML. Good luck with everything! I couldn't imagine being away from my husband that long. But I suppose you do what you have to!

  4. Uncertainty is tough to deal with. I'm going through it now as I prepare to leave Ohio and move to Georgia. I have to leave all of my friends, family, and everything I know to head into the unknown. Good luck with your move!

  5. whoa!! what an adventure! i admire your boldness and courage! good luck, and i can't wait to hear how things turn out :)

  6. Lady you are so brave! I'm so proud of you and all you aspire to and accomplish! You're a great example to women everywhere. Have a safe trip...look forward to hearing all the details of this trip!!!

  7. Sorry I have been absent for the past couple of days! This is so exciting Arni, I wondered what you and Yohann had planned! Can't wait to hear how it goes! x