How to Get to San Vicente from El Nido

San Vicente Poblacion is a small town located on the northwestern side of the main island of Palawan. It is home to the  longest white sand beach of the Philippines.  

A lot of people by mistake think that Port Barton and San Vicente town are the same,  mainly because Port Barton started a long while back, considered as one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Palawan and secondly, because it is part of  San Vicente's municipality. However, it might cause problems while booking hotel accommodations. San Vicente Poblacion is in fact, another place.

San Vicente Poblacion / Public Market / Photo taken outside Picardal Lodge
How to Get There?

From El Nido to San Vicente Poblacion

There are no direct buses from El Nido to San Vicente Poblacion.

At El Nido bus station next to the public market, we took the first trip of RORO Bus going to Puerto Princesa.  We got off at Roxas Terminal, the second bus stopover. Travel time between Roxas and El Nido is roughly 1 hour to 1 1/2 hrs. You'd need to take the first trip to catch the poblacion bus in Roxas. 

Roxas Terminal
At Roxas Terminal, facing the long stretch of canteens / cafeterias, the San Vicente Poblacion bus loading area is located on the left hand side. These are old ordinary (non-air-conditioned) buses. There were no signage to indicate the loading area. We asked people around and we were guided to a small open-window bus. (Sorry, I didn't have any photo because we just caught this bus in time, before its departure).  We were told to be there at the terminal not later than 11AM.  There are limited trips to poblacion when we went there and there are no trips in the afternoon. 

It is an hour or more ride from Roxas to poblacion

The first quarter of the ride once we were off the National Highway was one of the scariest bus rides I've ever had. The driver was like an aspiring race car driver, driving through gravel and clay path bordered by forests and ravines. Up and down, we shook a lot and there were muscle pains afterwards similar to that feeling after a good workout at the gym.  

It was one h*ll of a dusty ride! Be sure to protect yourself.  We were told that when it rains, being stuck in the deep mud puddles are normal.  We also found out that this present road is a whole lot better than how it was.

San Vicente poblacion is not touristic yet. At the time of writing this post, directions to get there and hostel information weren't even in the last edition of Lonely Planet yet.  However, it's going to be the next big destination because they're building a domestic airport with international standards there.

I remember locals in the bus threw us curious and inquisitive stares when we boarded. We were the only tourists in the bus.  I had a feeling they're not used to visitors, yet. They're mostly nice, but a bit guarded. 

A Road We Took in San Vicente on the way to Long Beach
This town is isolated. Driving through rice paddies, jungle and several villages along the way with the occasional view of the Long Beach is definitely an experience.

Any other way to get there?

Hiring a private boat in El Nido to drop you off  at San Vicente Poblacion Pier.  

Others suggested taking a bus headed for Puerto Princesa with a stop at Itabiak intersection (instead of Roxas) to wait for a  bus/van going to poblacion.  This option is quite risky if you miss the single bus trip (from PP) that passes here not later than 10AM. Some vans are also already full by the time they get to Itabiak.

In case you miss it, you can take a habal-habal, a motorcyle with an extended rear seat. This is quite a challenge. Only one person can ride with a back pack. Imagine, driving on a rough path to poblacion (Oh dear). A habal-habal trip will probably cost Php 200-300.

Hope the above info helps.


Day 6: Blog Everyday in May Challenge

If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

Nowadays, when someone asks me, "What do you do?" or  "What are you doing nowadays?"

The immediate answer that escapes my lips is: "I'm a housewife."  This is the truth. Often times, they would leave it at that. Some will continue to ask with a bewildered look, "Why?"  It depends who asks this question. If I don't feel sharing further I'd just say, "Because that's just the way it is." 

Others will follow it up with, " Do you regret your decision to leave your job behind?"  
With all honestly, I'd answer,  "No, I don't."

The rest, closer to me will ask, "Are you happy with your decision?"
With a smile, I answer, "Yes, very much."

One lady I just met asked me once, a long time ago 
"What do you do? Are you happy?"

That threw me off balance. It created a seed in my mind. 
Since then, I often asked myself the same question every day on my way to work.
Now I can truly say, yes I am.

What do I do? 

Being a happy soul.

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  1. Wow, what beautiful scenery. I love being a housewife/stay at home mom. Even though I don't feel like I get much done between all the errands I have to run.

  2. That definitely looks like an isolated place!

  3. Oh definitely looks off the beaten track!

  4. I loved reading this! And amen to doing whatever you want to do, as long as you are happy!

    Visiting from the Blog Every Day in May challenge and I'm excited to be your newest follower! :)


  5. I am loving these informative posts you put together, I can’t wait to visit and put them into action! Your words at the bottom really made me think as I went to a party on Sunday filled with doctors. There is nothing like a social room full of doctors to make your job sound silly. I almost felt a little embarrassed to admit what I do but I thought about it most of yesterday and realised that it really doesn’t matter, I am doing what makes me happy.

    1. That is so funny because I had a similar experience a long time ago back in college where a big table of med students asked me what I'm studying. And when I told them I'm pursuing design they said, "So all you do is just draw?" I felt so bad that evening. Many years later one of them put a status on facebook saying, "I wish I had studied Interior Design instead." I shook my head with disbelief while chuckling.

  6. Great post yet again! I feel like you can publish a book of all your travels and tips! :)


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