Born on the Fourth of July

{My life in 250 goes..}

I was born on the fourth of July in the Philippines.  I'm the eldest of five, a leftie, a jack of all trades and a product of a broken home. 

At a young age, I never felt I belonged there. The longing to leave made me study hard in school. I took up Architecture and Interior Design, sometimes simultaneously from two universities where I earned a degree and a license as an architect.

In unexpected turn of events, my father died of cancer. I had to give up my unfinished Interior Design studies to work, taking on projects in order to support my family. 

It was around this time when I met Yohann online and later, in real life when he stopped by Philippines for vacation. 

At 24, I was hired to work in Dubai in Interior Design sales. Being in a three-year long distance relationship, Yohann, then based in France, flew to Dubai to propose. He moved to Dubai six months later.

I wanted to meet his family first.  I am aware of the stereotyping that goes around, given where I came from. I wanted to prove everyone wrong, that there are exceptions.

I flew to France independently to meet them. They warmly welcomed me into their family.
After two years, we got married in a dream garden wedding.

I'm a proud owner of a Philippine passport.

My greatest blessing was watching all of my siblings finish college, now successful in their chosen careers.


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  1. Oh Arni I feel like I've come to know you so much better! I'm enjoying this series too.

    PS I got your email, and read it numerous times, but I haven't got the words to reply yet. They will come to me and I will reply.

    Thinking of you, lots of love and hugs xoxox

  2. Arni, you look really beautiful in the photo you chose for this post, it's very cute! Also, nice story about your life, it seems a very intense one! I didn't know that you had met your husband online but I'm really happy that it worked out so good for both of you, despite the obvious obstacles of long-distance relationships.

    Have a lovely day :)
    xo Irene

  3. I found you through the challenge. My anniversary is July 4th. What a great life story. I can't wait to look around your blog and find out more about you.

  4. What a beautiful picture! It was nice to get to know a little more about you. Long distance relationships can be tough. I'm so glad it worked out for you and your husband! Sorry to hear about your rough childhood, but I think it has made you a very strong, independent woman.

  5. hi Arni!

    I just learned something about you in 250 words! and I can feel how you became strong person. You're now with the new chapter of your life with you hubby and I wish you more blessings...
    you're so beautiful in that picture!!!!

    take care. xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  6. Wonderful post Arni! I love hearing more about fellow bloggers and strangely, your story is so similar to mine. I had to smile at the fact that you and Yohann met online, a sure sign of the seriously modern world we now live in. Beautiful picture of you too! x

  7. Stunning photo! And I love how much I just learned about you in so few words! Beautiful writer and a beautiful lady!

  8. you are beautiful and wonderful and everything in between!


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