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Day 2:  Something I know a lot about


"Lights, Chandeliers & Bling"

My last job's description was "Project Consultant" for a luxury brand that I'm not allowed to name here. It was a very well rounded  position with a job description that is three-page long.

To sum up what this job was all about, when someone asked me, "What do you do?" I tend to say, "I sell chandeliers and lights." It didn't sound so glamorous the way I put it, but in fact it was the simple truth. 

The job entailed working with designers and architects in getting expensive lighting specified for high end hospitality projects. Whenever there was a special fixture that needs to be designed  or a special application on materials using our product,  the designers knew who to call. C'etait moi. 

Here are tips when buying a chandelier:  How to Select a Dining Room Chandelier

Throughout the years, I ran into some awkward job situations always at the last moment's notice,  like being sent to another country to figure out how to put some pieces of expensive chandeliers together while my colleagues in charge of it were on vacation. 

Deadlines forced me to provide quick fix solutions when the entire manufacturing plant was closed for the holidays.

I once directed a crew of guys who has never installed a chandelier before for a New Year's Eve event in a 7-star hotel. In high heels and black skirt, I marched inside the banquet hall.  We had to put together pieces of a chandelier  more expensive than my entire being.  I and my next of kin  will be paying for it for the rest of our  lives should it break. A one-off art and designer piece that is 3 meters in height with crystals the size of my feet that had to be hung after being stuck in a blizzard in the UK. This piece was never a part of my training and I had to learn it on the spot.    

I learned the technical side of things throughout the years and could tell which one was a fake copy and the real thing by the size of facet and color.  After a while, I could differentiate which light fixture was 2,700 Kelvin from 3,000 Kelvin.  (That's my geeky side speaking).

Without plans of getting into lighting at all, I was blessed to have learned a lot of it. 

Since then, I often find myself staring at the light fixtures in every place I go to. 
Yes, you'll always find me looking up at the ceiling.

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  1. I actually work for an architecture firm so I can imagine how crazy your day-to-day job is! I love the bit about directing a crew of guys in heels and a skirt, talk about pressure! I also had to laugh at the fact that you check out light fittings wherever you go, I check out building/design defects!

  2. As boring as it must be, it sounds pretty cool to know that much about arty and expensive chandeliers and how to place them in top hotels all over the world!
    I should take a look to your design blog when I finally put our own place toegther with my boyfriend, because I'm clueless about interior design.

    Have a great day, almost weekend :)

  3. It's probably both fun and a challenge to select the perfect chandelier for a room.

  4. i love your quotes. and omg your previous job sounds amazing but so intense! i think i would literally die from anxiety! :) when i have to do event planning or logistics i kind of flip out and worry if i don't have answers or how exactly something is going to be planned out. sometimes i get to be way type a! :)

  5. I wish I had your expertise. I have been looking for years for a new chandelier for my dining room.