A Day in the Life of Arni

{Day 16 Challenge:  A photo journal of my day}

I miss Dubai. This is one way for me to connect to my life back in the desert. I'd like to share activities during one of my last days there, before I left for this trip.

8:00 AM Hot Black Coffee Breakfast with Dark Chocolate 
or Strawberries while reading blogs.
9:00 AM  Feed Tiptoe (my cat) and Blog while he's outside
10:00 AM House Cleaning and Chores
11:00 AM Laundry, Hanging and Folding, Packing (luggage)
 12:00 Noon: A quick trip to the supermarket, recycling station and last minute errands. 
1:00 PM  Lunch at Oregano Presto Italian Restaurant 
in Motor City with my friend, Gail and her family
2:30 PM  onwards - Painting

5:00 PM   Prepare Dinner (Enchiladas)
5:30 PM Read while Enchiladas are in the oven.
5:45 PM Dinner's Ready. Continue Reading 
until Yohann (my husband) arrives from work.
7:00 PM Dinner together while watching Hart of Dixie 
or Game of Thrones on his laptop.

9:00 PM  Quick game of Candy Crush and reading other blogs.
10:00 PM Get ready before bed and continue reading until I fall asleep.

C'est tout.
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Happy Wednesday!

Love & light,

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  1. Nice photo-diary. My day goes similar but instead of running errands I go to uni and study n the afternoon instead of reading.
    The best part is cooking in the evening and sharing dinner with my boyfriend - we're also catching up with Game of Thrones in our laptop at the moment :)

    Have a lovely day!
    xoxo Irene

  2. I loved the photos; it was nicely done. The enchiladas look great.

  3. your place is gorgeous! and your paintings!! they're great!

  4. Dark chocolate and strawberries sound like a really good breakfast! I bet it's hard being away from Dubai. Hopefully you'll settle in and be happy.

  5. So awesome! Can we trade lives? haha

  6. Wow! Thanks for the pictures. I love getting to peek inside peoples homes (I'm nosy). You breakfast and dinner look very yummy. Great day.

  7. I really love your breakfast - dark chocolate and strawberries, YUM! I was so pleased to have a sneak peak of your home too, it's beautiful!

  8. I love these kind of sneak peaks. You are a beautiful artist! Wow. That was such a great creative space you had to work in.


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